Administrative Systems

Budget Tool

The Budget Tool is the tool used by University departments for budget development, modifications, and projections.
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DukePay has been developed as Duke's central internet payment processor, and it provides the functionality and security required to manage various types of on-line transactions.
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DukeHub is the student self-service application providing students with an array of information and direct access to their academic, financial and personal data.
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Duke@Work is a self-service web site that offers faculty and staff the ability to view and update their personnel information at Duke. The site offers flexibility and convenience to view pay statements online, sign up to discontinue paper pay statements, update home and work addresses, set up or change bank accounts for direct deposit, and review benefit selections and retirement plan balances. In addition, faculty may use the web site to view information and reports regarding any research projects for which they are the Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator, including start-up funds. The site also allows supervisors, payroll representatives, business managers, and grants administrators to access other online functions such as iForms, Candidate Selection, Budget Tool, Grants Management, and Financial Reports.

These functions are available on Duke@Work:

  • Budget Tool
  • Candidate Selection
  • ECRT
  • Employee Self Service (My Info)
  • Grants Management
  • iForms
  • Financial Reports
  • MyResearch

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Effort Certification and Reporting Technology (ECRT)

Duke uses the Effort Certification and Reporting Technology (ECRT), a web-based system that is part of the Duke@Work self-service website, for reporting and certifying effort.  The ECRT integrates financial, payroll, and research administrative functions and is designed to enhance compliance management, improve financial information for academic units through comprehensive reporting, and significantly reduce the administrative burden of the effort reporting process.
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iForms is a web-based interface that allows users to view employee master data and process HR and payroll actions.
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Time & Attendance / API

Time & Attendance is an electronic time and attendance system used by the Duke Health System and by select departments within the School of Medicine and the University.
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SAP supports most of the university’s and health system’s core administrative processes, including accounting, human resources, payroll, and purchasing. The SAP integrated suite includes client/server software (SAP and Business Warehouse) and a web-based component (BPS, iForms, MyResearch, and other HR and financial functions on the Duke@Work web page).
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Sponsored Projects System (SPS)

The Sponsored Projects System assists Duke Medical Center and Campus personnel with the management of sponsored projects. SPS users can edit grant proposals, route them through the approval process, generate paper forms for government sponsors, and track basic award information. SPS provides standardized proposal information for all sponsors, enforcement of sponsor business rules, decision-support grant reporting across the institution, and electronic routing for review and approval at both the departmental and central office levels.
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STORM is the faculty/staff self-service application providing users with access that depends on their university role and security. In the Faculty Center, instructors can view and print class rosters and enter grades. Advisors/Deans can view advisee academic information and add comments to a student's record in the Advisor Center. The Department Center allows Departmental staff to view and update student contact information, view student account details, generate permission numbers, change enrollment limits, add instructors to classes, view current schedule of classes and much more. The Admissions Center displays information about applicants, like school history, test scores and personal information data.
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Duke University utilizes Bank of America's transaction review and reporting software, Works, to administer the Corporate Card program.  The software is an internet application that allows authorized users to review transactions for their designated cardholders and reallocate charges to appropriate accounting codes prior to these charges being posted to the general ledger.  Works also provides extensive query and reporting capabilities.
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