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Method of holding together a finished book
Biweekly Payroll
Payment of hourly wages to all other employees whose positions are subject to the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. This payroll is paid out approximately every 14 days.
In offset litho printing, the rubber-coater sheet that transfers the inked impression from printing plate to paper. In gravure printing, a similar rubber sheet covers the impression cylinder of a printing press.
An extra amount of printed image that extends 1/8" to 1/4" outside the final trim area of a sheet or page. This allows for tints, images, or other matter to print to the edge of the page. If sheets are printed without the bleed, it is generally not possible to print matter up to the edge of the page.
In offset printing, a photo print made from stripped-up negatives or positives, used as a proof to check position of image elements
Book Value

See "Corpus". The book value of an endowment fund is generally increased through the addition of new gifts or the reinvestment of fund distributions.

Abbreviation for "Board of Trustees".
Bright White
A paper stock, particularly in reference to letterheads and envelopes, etc., of pure brilliant white; as opposed to "off-white"
Broad Agency Announcement (BAA)

An announcement of a federal agency's general research interests that invites proposals and specifies the general terms and conditions under which an award may be made. A Broad Agency Announcement is not considered a formal solicitation under FAR.

Budget Incentive Agreement/Formula
Series of agreements established by the Provost's Office, Medical Center, or President in conjunction with the Executive Vice President, whereby a school/organization will share any surplus to budget, consequently the school will also be held accountable for any deficit to budget.
Budget Process
1. Prepare forecast to test assumptions and establish tuition and enrollments.
2. Give departments an opportunity to request funds and set rates according to department's operational requirements.
3. Give Senior Officer's the flexibility to evaluate requests and shift resources according to priorities established by each sector.
4. Consolidate the Budget. If bottom line problem exists, turn back over to Senior Officer for resolution.
5. Present balanced budget to the Board of Trustees for approval.
Building Identification Number
Fixed assets are grouped under building numbers for control and identification purposes.
Cash Contribution
The recipient's cash outlay, including the outlay of money contributed to the recipient by non-Federal third parties.
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)

Publication and database produced by the General Services Administration that lists the domestic assistance programs for all federal agencies and gives information about a program's authorization, fiscal details' accomplishments, regulations, guidelines, eligibility requirements, information contacts, and application and award process. CFDA does not list assistance that benefits foreign entities, and does not list procurement opportunities.

Certificate of Resale
A Certificate of Resale (Form E-590) is used when a business, engaged in retail sales, purchases items to be sold. This certificate exempts the purchases from sales tax. Most departments normally should not expect a vendor to request form E-590, the exception being a gift shop, or other entity, which routinely sells retail merchandise.
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