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Positive Vs. negative
a black or color rendition of the identity printed on a white background
Post Award
The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is responsible for the post-award administration of sponsored projects. This responsibility begins after the sponsored project has been negotiated and accepted by the Pre-Award office. Pre-Award administration is performed by two pre-award offices: the Office of Research Support for the University and the Office of Research Administration for the Medical Center. OSP's responsibilities include preparing and submitting financial and other non-scientific reports to Sponsors on sponsored projects, monitoring for compliance with Sponsor and Duke requirements, assuring reimbursement of project expenditures, providing training and support to departmental administrators, coordinating award documentation and approval processes with the two pre-award offices and other Duke service departments.
Posting Date
The Posting Date determines the posting period and defines in which fiscal period a document will post (regardless of the Document or Entry date). The periods that are permitted for posting are determined by Accounting Services. This is the date that G/L Account Balances are updated. The Posting Date will override the Fiscal Period entered on a document if they are different.

Note: It is possible that an invoice was issued with a Document Date of 6/15/98, entered into SAP on 7/15/98 (Entry Date) with a Posting Date of 6/30/98 (to post the Document in the previous fiscal year). Many times, all three of these dates are the same.
Posting Key
A two-digit numeric key that controls the entry of document line items. The key specifies the following for example: account type, debit or credit posting, or layout of entry screens.

The most common examples are:

40 = Debit
50 = Credit
Posting Period
The posting period is a period of time within a fiscal year during which transactions can be posted and transaction figures can be updated. Duke's posting periods are based on the Fiscal month periods per the Fiscal Calendar distributed by the Financial Services division.
Pre-Award administration is performed by two pre-award offices: the Office of Research Support and the Office of Research Administration. The pre-award offices are responsible for sponsored projects from the proposal stage through the acceptance of the award. In addition, the pre-award offices are involved when an action or request has the potential of amending or modifying the award document, or a prior written approval is required.
Preparatory work by the printer to get a project ready to print. Includes scanning, computer work, output of files, and proofing.
In reference to Fixed Income Securities: The excess of the amount paid for a fixed income security, excluding purchased interest, over its par or face value.
An item printed in advance of a publication, later inserted loosely into bound copies. Also called a blow-in.
Any machine that transfers (prints) an impression, traditionally from a former block, plate, or blanket onto paper or other material
Press proof
A printed proof run on a the same or similar press to the one on which it will be printed using the actual inks, images and paper that will be used for the job
Abbreviation found on Biweekly Leave, Gross Pay Computation, and Distribution Reports. Stands for: Primary position's data for determining the gross pay of the primary job.
Abbreviation found on Biweekly Leave, Gross Pay Computation, and Distribution Reports. Stands for: Primary Distribution identifies the primary distribution accounting codes and percentages.
See Corpus. See also Book Value.
Prior Approval
The award document or the terms and conditions referenced in the award document may indicate that certain expenses require prior written approval before they can be incurred on a sponsored project. All requests that require prior written approval must be submitted through the pre-award office. After reviewing the award document and Sponsor guidelines, the pre-award office determines whether prior written approval can be obtained internally or whether the Sponsor's approval is required. . If Sponsor approval is required, the pre-award office transmits the request to the Sponsor. If approval can be given internally, the pre-award office has the authority to give such internal approval. Once the approval is received/given, the pre-award office forwards a copy of the approval to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and the Departmental Administrator. OSP makes the necessary changes to the financial records.
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