Introductory Classes

Quick Start


The QuickStart Program consists of four self-paced online training modules with companion reference materials and job aids to help new employees get a “quick start” in research administration job duties at Duke.


The QuickStart Introductory Program in Research Administration is tailored to persons new to research administration and new to research administration at Duke University. This program may also benefit those interested in learning more about research administration and staff whose job responsibilities are less than 80% of research administration.


Provides introductory knowledge for employees in research administration positions to contribute to departmental grant management within the first 90 days of hire.


  • Self-paced web-based courses
  • Interactive Knowledge Checks throughout online modules
  • ToolPak:  Companion resources and references for each module


Each online module of QuickStart includes several Toolpak items to provide companion resources and reference materials related to the topics in the modules. These resources provide support to new research administrators at Duke and can be downloaded and/or printed for easy reference. Some examples of resources provided in the Tookpaks include:

  • Phone a Friend – Contact List
  • Navigating the UG
  • Navigating NIH Due Dates
  • Link to Duke F&A Rate Agreements and Fringe Benefit Rates
  • Cost Distribution Step by Step Guide
  • And many more!

How It Works:

The QuickStart Online modules are housed in the LMS and are part of the prerequisite training before enrolling in the Research Administration Academy (RAA) training at Duke. 

  • Participants self-enroll through the Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Participants launch and complete the training modules in specified sequence
  • Participants partner with supervisor to completed Onboarding Guide

Onboarding Guide (pdf)
Duke LMS User Guide for RCC Training (pdf)

QuickStart Online Modules

Introduction to Research Administration at Duke

This online training module will introduce the fundamental concepts of research administration and how it is supported at Duke University. The topics covered in this module include... >>

  • Basic terminology and concepts
  • Sponsored Project Timeline and Life Cycle
  • Duke organizational structure and centralized research administration resources
  • Duke systems and processes that support research administration
  • Basic life cycle functions performed by research administrators

Basic Compliance and Knowing the Rules

This online training module introduces the basic concept of compliance and why it is important at Duke. The module provide guidance on navigation and use of common rules and regulations referenced in research administration. The topics covered in this module include... >>

  • The definition of compliance and roles and responsibilities
  • Navigating the Uniform Guidance (UG)
  • Navigating Agency Policies (Using NIH and NSF as federal examples)
  • Understanding where to access Duke Policies and General Accounting Procedures (GAPs)

Basic Pre-Award Administration

This online training module introduces basic pre-award concepts, proposal and budget development at Duke University. The topics covered in this module include... >>

  • Basic Pre-Award Concepts
  • Introduction to a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA)
  • Introduction to common submission types and funding mechanisms
  • Policies & Procedures for Proposal Submission at Duke
  • Introduction to basic proposal and budget development

Basic Post-Award Administration

These online training modules introduce basic post-award concepts including award and project set up, award management, project end and closeout, and basic financial administration of industry funded clinical research at Duke University. The topics covered in this module include... >>

  • Basic post-award concepts
  • The Notice of Award (NOA), WBSE establishment, and award & project setup process at Duke
  • Overview of Award and Project Management including introductions to Duke systems, technologies, and reports for post-award management
  • Basics of project end and closeout and the formal closeout process at Duke

Financial Basics in Industry Funded Clinical Research

  • Clinical Research Units (CRU) and the roles and responsibilities within your unit
  • Facilities and Administration fees in Clinical Research
  • Pre Award Activities including internal cost assessments, budget and payment terms negotiation
  • Post Award Activities including revenue management, effort management, financial reporting and closeout

Key Elements and Skills in QuickStart

By completing the QuickStart Program and working with unit supervisors, individuals who complete the program and review companion resources and materials will be able to:

  • Understand the basic functions of research administration and how it is managed at Duke University
  • Understand the basic compliance rules for research administration
  • Navigate the Duke GAPs
  • Navigate the RCC Uniform Guidance Webpage
  • Navigate the NIH and NSF Webpages
  • Support proposal development in SPS*
  • Read and  understand master data fields in CJ03 transaction in SAP*
  • Assist with award and project set up
  • Assist with processing a Non-Salary Cost Transfer using the CT Tool*
  • Assist with processing cost distributions*
  • Assist with the formal closeout process at Duke*

* Refer to the onboarding guide for specific and additional training that should be completed before these tasks are assigned.