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About RCC Training

Research Costing Compliance (RCC) offers a comprehensive portfolio of training classes and certificate programs in support of Research Administration at Duke University. RCC training is designed to provide instruction and best practices to the research administration community on federal rules and regulations as well as Duke policies and procedures regarding sponsored project management. RCC partners with other research administration offices at Duke – Office of Research Administration (ORA), Office of Research Support (ORS), Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), and the Duke Office of Clinical Research (DOCR) – to provide targeted training on specific areas of proposal submission and award management. 

Introductory Courses

For staff new to research administration, or new to research administration at Duke, RCC has designed a series of introductory courses. The courses are designed to provide fundamental information about the field of research administration, as well as introduce staff to the structure of research administration at Duke.

Certificate Programs

In addition to individual classes targeted to a specific research administration task, RCC offers certificate programs that address progressively more complex issues in research administration.

RAA Certificate

The Research Administration Academy Certification (RAA) is designed to provide comprehensive training for all research administrators and allows supervisors to tailor training to the current business need.  The RAA Certification can be obtained by completing the certification program or passing the RAA Test Out. More information on the RAA Certification and the Test Out can be found on the RAA Webpage.

AGM Certificate

The Advanced Grant Management Certification (AGM) is an advanced-level certification designed for experienced research administrators. AGM addresses complex issues in sponsored project management.

RAI Certificate

The Research Administration Institute (RAI) is designed for senior leadership and addresses personnel and management topics with research administration case studies.

FCC Certificate

The Federal Contracting Certificate (FCC) is a new certificate program launched Fall 2014. The Certificate is an advanced-level certificate designed for staff from both the Campus and the Medical Center currently managing federal contracts.

Continuing Education

All certifications must be maintained by completing annual Continuing Education requirements.


Beginning in FY 2015, RCCl re-launched the FasTrack program. The redesigned FasTracks will communicate critical information on new and changing federal rules and Duke policies and procedures. The classes will be offered on a short-term basis, with the material being integrated into the standard RCC portfolio of classes. Please note: Some FasTracks may be required to maintain RAA, AGM and/or RAI certification.

Below you will find information pertinent to all RCC training programs, as well as a list of our current classes.  

RCC Course Catalog

Duke offers a wide variety of training programs, classes and support resources to assist those involved with the grant management process. The course catalog  provides a detailed description of all RCC courses, management tools to assist in selecting training for staff, and additional training resources at Duke. 

Current Training Opportunities are listed below.   

RCC Business Rules

RCC has developed to guide grant managers and supervisors through the significant changes to the RCC training programs. Please review the business rules prior to registering for RCC classes or applying for a certificate program. If you have any additional questions, please contact RCC at rcc-cert at

RCC No-Show Fee Policy

Effective July 1, 2015, a $100 no show fee will be charged to participants who cancel after 11:59 p.m. the day prior to the scheduled class or do not attend the class he/she has registered for.  However, if you cancel/drop your class registration on the day of the class, the no show fee will be charged.  The fee will be charged to the participant's default cost center. Requests to waive the no-show fee can be submitted by the supervisor to rcc-cert at and will be evaluated by RCC. Please note that workload is generally not an acceptable reason to waive the fee. Due to constraints in the registration system, RCC can no longer allow a substitute to take the place of someone who has registered and cannot attend.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

RCC has developed a list of FAQs about selecting appropriate training, the RCC training redesign, as well as FAQs about using the LMS.  Please review the list of FAQs and the RCC business rules to assist you in applying for and registering for classes. If you have any further questions, you can contact RCC at rcc-cert at

Current Training Opportunities

View Current Training Opportunities.