FasTracks are open enrollment and feature focused training on specific areas of grant management. They are designed to provide training to the entire grant management community on emerging issues in research administration.  Topics include a broad spectrum of material – from federal policy changes to new Duke forms and processes.

FasTracks are designed to be short-term offerings, and after an initial training push, the FasTrack material will be integrated into the standard RCC training classes.

Beginning in FY15, some FasTracks may be required to receive continuing education.  These courses will be noted in the course description n the Duke LMS.  More information about required FasTracks is forthcoming.


Closeout Project Town Hall Meetings (Online)

The Town Hall Meetings provided an institution-wide introduction to the Closeout Project. The information presented during the Town Hall Meetings included an overview of relevant federal regulations, the resulting impact on Duke, a detailed description of the Closeout Project, and expectations and next steps for members of the entire Duke University research administration community. Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the federal rules guiding the current federal award environment and their impact on Duke
  • Understand the idea and expectations of Clean Close
  • Understand how Duke as an institution is laying the foundation for a Clean Close environment
  • Identify what you can do to prepare for a Clean Close environment at Duke
The course includes viewing a video in its entirety and an assessment. Those participants that view the video and pass the assessment with at least an 80% will earn 1 continuing education credit towards the RCC annual continuing education requirement.
* : Requires valid, pre-specified IP address, affiliation or NetID.
~ : Located outside of the domain.