Effort Reporting & ECRT Training

Federal regulations require that the University document and certify how effort and salary are spent in support of federally funded projects. July 2009, the effort certification process moved from a paper-based system to a web-based system.

The system is known as ECRT (Effort Certification & Reporting Technology) and is used to certify, approve, and track/report the effort provided by Faculty and monthly staff.

Those who must certify their effort are known as Certifiers and will use ECRT to certify where their time is spent. Effort Coordinators will use ECRT to track and approve the effort certification for certifiers in their department.

The following training is available to Certifiers and Effort Coordinators at Duke:



An Overview of ECRT

The online video provides an introduction to the upgraded ECRT tool used to manage effort across Duke University. Those who work in ECRT are STRONGLY encouraged to watch this online learning and to attend one of the ECRT town hall sessions offered during the month of March. Register for an ECRT Town Hall session using by searching on the key word ECRTOWN2017.
Target Audience: Effort Coordinators/Others who manage effort
Duration: 40 minutes
Format: Online Training
To View:
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Total Professional Effort Guide for Effort Coordinators (webpage)
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ECRT Town Hall Sessions

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