Current Training Opportunities

(Updated as of 09/07/2017)

Research Costing Compliance (RCC) training can be found in the Duke Learning Management System (LMS). Registration for all RCC classes is in the Duke LMS.  The links below will link you to the LMS registration page for that course.  

Training on using the LMS is found online.

For all RAA, AGM, RAI, FCC certified employees:  

You must earn five continuing education credits throughout the fiscal year (7/1/17 – 6/30/18). One of the five continuing education credits must be FY18 Management of Selected Post Award Issues. All questions/concerns regarding RCC training or continuing education credits should be submitted to rcc-cert at Please do not submit inquiries to individual RCC staff. Read more about continuing education requirements.

Those with an RCC certification must earn five continuing education credits, one of which must be FY18 Management of Selected Post Award Issues, throughout the fiscal year (7/1/17 – 6/30/18) to maintain RCC certification.

FY18 Available Classes
*Classes with an asterisk * in front of the title qualify for continuing education credits for RCC.

Mandatory Class:

  • *FY18 Management of Selected Post Award Issues – TBD

Introductory Classes:
(The intended audience for these courses includes those who are new to research administration or new to the pre-award or post-award functions of research administration.)

Continuing Education/Elective Classes:

Other Duke Training Opportunities:

Professional Organizations: