Certificate Programs

Research Administration Academy (RAA) (Required)

Research Administration Academy (RAA) is a certificate program applicable to most levels of grant management. It is designed to provide grant managers at Duke University with basic knowledge of the core principles of research administration, as well as “hands on” training in common grant management tasks. The RAA program is applicable to grant managers who perform essential tasks associated with proposal submission and grant management after the award. RAA certification is a requirement for grant managers in the following Duke Human Resources job classifications: Grants and Contracts Administrator (2647); Grants and Contracts Manager (2648); Senior Grants and Contracts Manager (2649); Research Administrator (2627); Research Administration Manager (2628); Associate Director, Research Administration (2629). Please visit the RACI Career Management for Research Administrators website for further details.

In addition to the traditional certificate program, RCC is offering a test-out option for the RAA certificate. Employees who have worked in research administration for 3 years or more may apply to test out of the RAA program. The test-out is a proctored final which includes questions on core material as well as supervisor-selected electives. Supervisors must submit a completed application form to RCC in order to enroll the employee in the RAA Test-out.

Advanced Grant Management (AGM)

Advanced Grant Management is a certificate program for grant managers and other interested individuals with greater than three years’ experience in grant management and greater than 50% grant management duties. Employees with less than three years of grant management experience may be accepted into the program based upon recommendation from a supervisor.

Research Administration Institute (RAI)

The RAI is a series of leadership and supervisory classes designed for senior-level grant managers.  RCC is partnering with L&OD to offer classes on communication, management, and supervision, with case studies specific to research administration.  The certificate program is currently in hiatus.  Check the RCC Newsletter for announcements on class specifics and enrollment.

Federal Contracting Certificate (FCC)

The Federal Contracting Certificate (FCC) program is an advanced-level certification that is designed to provide training to grants and contracts administrators/managers, departmental Business Managers, and research administrators/managers who manage federal contracts in their portfolios or would like to be proficient in federal contracting. The certification will include five core courses and two electives and will be taught by Office of Research Administration, Office of Research Support, Procurement, DHTS Information Security and Office of Sponsored Programs. Current RAA Certification is a prerequisite.

Final Exam Dates

RCC offers test dates at least once each month when Duke employees may take the RAA, AGM, RAI, and/or FCC final exams. To register for one of the below test dates, you must contact RCC via e-mail at rcc-cert at duke.edu.  RCC will send a return email confirming your test date. Additional information about the RAA, AGM, RAI, or FCC final exams can be found on each of the certificate program websites.

If you are enrolled in a certificate program (RAA, AGM) and have completed all required classes, please contact RCC at rcc-cert@duke.edu to schedule for the final exam. Further details about the final exams can be found on the RAA and AGM websites.