Management Center Executive Administration

The role of the Management Center Executive Administration is to support the Research Costing Compliance Program.

  1. Helps ensure that policies and procedures, in all areas of research compliance, are in place and implemented as necessary for planning, conducting, and reporting of research.

  2. Delegates implementation or oversight for compliance as appropriate.

  3. Coordinates with Cost and Reimbursement Accounting to ensure compliance and to take action as appropriate in cases of non-compliance.

  4. Contributes to policy formulation in the following areas.

    Matters relating to direct and indirect charging on sponsored projects.
    • Effort reporting on sponsored projects.
    • Cost sharing.
    • Rebudgeting on sponsored projects.
    • Cost transfers.
    • Record retention.

  5. Ensures that Management Center policies and procedures are in support of Duke and Sponsor guidelines.

  6. Serves as a resource for financial administrators and assists them as needed in resolving issues related to financial management of sponsored projects.

  7. In some instances the Dean’s Office and the Management Center Executives are one and the same. In this case, the Dean’s Office would be responsible for both sets of responsibilities.

  8. Responsible to determine the most appropriate means of ensuring compliance.

  9. Investigates non-fraudulent financial compliance questions/issues using available resources such as sponsor regulations, University policies and procedures, and the network of informed individuals such as the PI, Departmental or Research Administrator, Business Manager, Chair or Dean. If the questions/issues remain unresolved or if it seems inappropriate to use the above resources, contact the Office of Sponsored Programs for assistance.

  10. All instances of possible fraud must be reported to Internal Audit regardless of the value involved. Internal Audit provides a reporting hotline.