Training Digest: March 2017




Welcome to the New Training Digest!

Research Costing Compliance (RCC) would like to welcome you to the Training Digest!  The Training Digest is the new way for RCC to communicate all things training to the grant management community at Duke.  It will be published and disseminated every other month and will include announcements and updates about certification programs and continuing education, training deadlines, training schedule, and any other pertinent training-related information.  On the months when you do not receive the Training Digest, our revised newsletter, renamed Compliance Digest, will be distributed.  We hope you enjoy both of the newsletters!

REMINDER:  FY17 Management of Selected Post Award Issues (MSPAI) Required by 6/30/2017

All employees in a Grants & Contracts or Research Administration position or have a RCC, RAA, AGM, RAI, and/or FCC Certificate are required to complete the Management of Selected Post Award Issues class every fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).  This mandatory class provides important updates to policies, procedures, regulations, and training information that effect grant/contract management at Duke.  Attendees must also pass a quiz with at least 80% and complete an evaluation to receive credit for successfully completing the FY17 MSPAI.

To register for FY17 MSPAI, click here.

Deadline to Complete Continuing Education Requirements on 6/30/2017

All RCC, RAA, AGM, RAI, and FCC certified employees must complete the continuing education requirements for fiscal year 2017 (FY17) by June 30, 2017.  FY17 continuing education requirements include the FY17 Management of Selected Post Award Issues (MSPAI) and 4 other continuing education credits, which can be earned in various ways.  Individuals who earned a RAA, AGM, RAI, or FCC Certificate during FY17 (7/1/2016-6/30/2017) are required to only complete FY17 Management of Selected Post Award Issues (MSPAI) in order to maintain his/her certification(s).  Please review the continuing education requirements for further details.

Revised Advanced Grant Management (AGM)

The Advanced Grant Management (AGM) Certificate program was recently updated to be more case study based with a focus on strategic management.  AGM consists of 5 required classes designed to challenge learners to discuss and attempt to resolve complex issues in research administration.  Enrollment has been opened for the revised AGM program, and applications may be submitted to rcc-cert at for consideration into the AGM Certificate program.  For more information about the Advanced Grant Management (AGM) Certificate program, please visit our webpage

New Fellowship, Training & Career Awards Elective Now Available

RCC has a new elective available, Fellowship, Training & Career Awards, that offers continuing education credit and is open enrollment to all Duke employees.  This course will feature discussions on oversight and coordination of individual career awards, fellowships, and institutional career development programs. This session will take a look at how to identify the key elements in a career and training award for appropriate proposal development and project management. This course features extended discussion of effort management issues: calculating and adjusting clinical effort, PDC, TPE, and related effort issue.  You may register for this class in the Duke LMS by logging into Duke@Work> MyCareer> MyLearning.

CRA Study Group to Move Online

The CRA Study Group will now be an online resource and materials repository, rather than 8 two-hour long in-class sessions for those preparing to take the CRA Exam.  Continuing education credit will also not be provided for the CRA.  In an effort to continue assisting Duke employees with exam preparation, RCC will provide slides, practice questions, and links to other resources on the CRA Exam Prep webpage.