ECRT Pre-review Period for FY2015's Annual Effort Certifications

The annual Period of Performance for Fiscal Year 2015 (July 1 - June 30) has ended. ECRT is now available for "pre-review" and can be accessed via the Duke@Work page through the ECRT tab. The Pre-Review period will end when the beginning of the Effort Certification Period starts on August 1, 2015.

If you missed Corporate Payroll's deadline of June 10, 2015 for processing Cost Distribution Change iForms in FY2015 and require the payroll transaction to book in FY2015, you will need to process a Manual Salary Cost Transfer (MSCT) iForm, specifying Reason Code 05 (Year-end Adjustment of Effort). The last chance to process a MSCT in FY2015 is prior to the Period 13 deadline of July 16, 2015 at 3pm. The MSCT iForm MUST be completely approved by the deadline. MSCT transactions are loaded to ECRT daily.

If you miss the last MSCT deadline, the payroll change will need to be processed using a Cost Distribution Change iForm which will post in FY2016.
We highly recommend that the Primary Effort Coordinator take the following steps during the "pre-review" period, if applicable.  The ECRT Summary Guide (pdf) will provide details on how to perform the ECRT functions. The appropriate page numbers are listed below:

  • Restrict Secondary Effort Coordinator's access AND assign appropriate employee(s) to the Secondary Effort Coordinator (page 12). 
  • Assign another Effort Coordinator the ability to "process" Effort Card(s) by using the Override function (page 18). 
  • If the Certifier is no longer at Duke or does not have access to ECRT, assign a Proxy (person with first-hand knowledge) for the Certifier (page 16). 
  • Determine if a Certifier's Effort Card is best "processed" by another Department and transfer the "process" right to the other department's Primary Effort Coordinator by using the Override function (page 12). 
  • Review your employee's Effort Card(s) for accuracy. Corrections to the proposed Certified Annual Effort percentage column of the Effort Card may be entered at this time by the Effort Coordinator. 
  • The Cost Transfer Worksheet is available via the certifier's effort card through September 30, 2015. Keep in mind that when using the Cost Transfer Worksheet the payroll transaction will post in Fiscal Year 2016.  (page 22)
  • Determine if the Effort Card should be put on "Hold". Please remember that this function stops all emails from being sent to the Certifier and will not allow the Certifier to certify their card until the “Hold” is turned off (page 20). 
  • Review Tuition Remission. If you used G/L 601200 or 604200 to pay the salary, tuition remission MUST be assessed. Exceptions must be approved by the Graduate School or the Office of Sponsored Programs. Tuition Remission is found in the Supplemental Effort Card.

The Certification Period will be from August 1, 2015 through September 30, 2015.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email to ECRT-Support at