CAS/Rebudgeting Process Changes Effective July 1, 2014

The paper Rebudget Forms (Request for Rebudgeting of Funds document) and CAS Direct Cost Exception web form will no longer be accepted by ORA and ORS. The recently released online Rebudgeting/CAS Form (ReC) will be the only option for users and is accessible through Duke@WORK > Grants Management tab > eRA@Duke Management.

Training on the use of the Rebudgeting/CAS Form (ReC) will be incorporated into RCC’s Making Adjustments to Sponsored Projects class. Registration is available within the Duke's LMS.

Step-By-Steps and videos are also available online to assist users with the new Rebudgeting/CAS Form (ReC).

Prior to using the new, online Rebudgeting/CAS Form (ReC), departments must have a Departmental Approver workflow in place.

RCC will no longer distribute monthly Non-Compliant CAS Alerts to departments. Users can now run the CAS Compliance Report at their discretion to review outstanding non-compliant CAS charges. The CAS Compliance Report provides “real time” data and is accessible through Duke@WORK > Grants Management tab > MyResearch Reports (for Grants Management Role) > CAS Compliance Report.

A Step-By-Step and video to assist users with the CAS Compliance Report are also available.

RCC will continue to issue CAS Final Remediation Write-off Reports on a monthly basis to SOM departments via the Grant Management Team (GMT) and Campus departments via the Associate Deans. These reports reflect charges that must be addressed within 30 days or be written off.