Important Announcement About New RCC Training

Greetings. I’m writing to inform the grant management community of important changes in the Research Costing Compliance training programs. We are currently in a pilot program for revising the content and test questions for the Research Administration Academy (RAA) certificate and expect to conclude the pilot in late April/early May. At that time we will begin accepting applications from all grant managers, regardless of years of experience, who want to obtain the RAA certificate. Please note, this enrollment will be on a “rolling” basis, which means that enrollment opportunities will be offered monthly, and classes may be taken (with modest exception) when convenient.

For grant managers with greater than three years’ experience, RAA is offering a test-out option for the RAA certificate. We anticipate opening the application process in late April/early May for the RAA test out. RCC will offer “test prep” sessions for those wishing to test out. You must have supervisor approval to attempt to test-out.

The revised and updated Advanced Grant Management (AGM) certificate will also be open for enrollment in early May. There is no test-out option for AGM. Classes will be offered as open enrollment, but you must complete an enrollment application and be approved to enroll before taking AGM classes for certificate credit.

In addition to our updated certificate programs, we are exploring live webinars and on-demand web-based pre-recorded classes as options for delivering training in the future.

There are many more enhancements to RCC training programs. These will be announced in a few weeks, including business rules and FAQs to guide you in the selection and enrollment process.

Stay tuned for a formal communication regarding the recent changes, and thank you all for everything you do in support of the research enterprise at Duke University,


Julie B. Cole
Director, RCC