AP Check Request Technology: What it means for the Grant Manager

The new AP check request tool is a technology solution that increases the efficiency in processing AP check requests, minimizes mistakes, and continues the move towards electronic record retention within SAP.  Electronic workflow allows grant managers to review and approve AP check requests prior to charging the sponsored project, providing stronger controls for financial management.

For all AP check requests, the grant manager should perform an allowability/allocability analysis and review the charge for reasonableness and necessity to the project, prior to charging the item to the code and initiating the electronic request.

Grant managers are now required to review electronic invoices for their subrecipients prior to payment.  As a part of this new business process, grant managers should review subrecipient invoices with the same level of scrutiny as though they are charges originating in the department.  Grant managers should check for unallowable expenses, verify that the charges reflect work completed, that the charges appear to be reasonable, and that the invoice meets all sponsor terms and conditions.