New Subcode Purpose Field in SAP Master Data

A new field, called Subcode Purpose, has been created in the SAP Master Data. This field will only be populated on subcodes and should indicate if the subcode was created for “convenience” of the owning department or for segregation of funds for sponsor reporting.  The choices are:  I for Internal or S for Sponsor.  Generally, whether a proposal was submitted with single or multiple budgets/scopes of work will drive the determination.  If a single budget and scope of work were submitted to the sponsor, then typically any subcodes established were for internal convenience (I) (such as F&A distribution, etc.)  If a proposal was submitted with multiple budgets and/or scopes of work then all subcodes created will be considered to be for the Sponsor (S).  All “U” and “P” awards from NIH will automatically default to S in the Subcode Purpose field.

The new field will impact a policy change that will roll out with the new Rebudgeting/CAS form.  The policy change will modify how the $500 minimum can be attained.    As the new policy is finalized, additional information will be provided.