Changes to MyResearch

Effective March 14th, we will be rolling out several changes to the MyResearch page on Duke@WORK.  We are making these changes to improve faculty research reporting, increase the usability of MyResearch (fewer clicks required) and to update MyResearch with the latest available links and tools.  As a part of these changes, we are migrating the reports from the Faculty Reports tab to the MyResearch tab.  We are doing this to consolidate all faculty research reporting tools in a single place.  All of the reports found on the Faculty Reports tab will be available on MyResearch.  The Faculty Reports tab will continue to be available for a month, but the report links will be gone and there will be a message redirecting them to MyResearch.  The key changes are as summarized below:

  • Migration of the Faculty Research reports, previously found on the Faculty Reports tab on Duke@WORK, to the MyResearch tab. The reports can be found in the “Reporting on Active Projects” box.
  • All of the Projection tool reports are now accessed through direct links on the MyResearch page.  Previously faculty had to click on an “Other Reports” link to get to the effort reports.
  • We have moved the “Funding Opportunities and Grant Applications” and “Disclosures and Agreements” boxes to allow us to enlarge the “Reporting on Active Projects” box
  • We have eliminated several inactive links including:  those in the “Submit New Projects” box, Curriculum Vitae and NIH Biosketch
  • We have added a link to Scholars@Duke in the Me and My Portfolio box
  • To reflect several organization name changes, we have renamed the following links:
    • CRSO link has been changed to DOCR (Duke Office of Clincial Research)
    • CTSA link has been changed to DTMI (Duke Translational Medicine Institute)

We hope the faculty will find these changes provide a better user experience for the tools available on MyResearch.  We are sending an email to the faculty that use MyResearch and/or the Faculty Reports via email.  The email communication shares the changes as well as provides them a mapping from the Faculty Reports tab to MyResearch.  We’ve also added a link on MyResearch summarizing the changes.  A screenshot of the revised MyResearch page is included below.

Although the Grant Manager versions of the MyResearch reports are not impacted, we wanted you to be aware of the changes in case your faculty have questions.  If you have any questions about these changes, please contact Beth Sizemore.