Document Management Project Underway

The Research Administration Continuous Improvement (RACI) leadership has launched a comprehensive review of certain internal processes and related forms in an effort to identify ways to streamline research administration and to make certain functions more transparent. 

The Document Management (DM) Project is a part of the overall RACI Integration Initiative (i2) dedicated to enhancing service and support to Duke faculty and grant managers. The DM Project focuses on the following key processes: 

  • Notice of Award,
  • Project and Budget Set-up,
  • Rebudgeting,
  • CAS Exception Requests, and
  • Project Closeout.

Huron consultants were joined by Duke University’s Chris Tobias as the Project Manager; they were supported by 55 other team members from the Duke grant management community who provided valuable insights into the current state of each of the targeted processes and helped to develop the vision for improvements, efficiencies (such as combining processes), transparency (being able to track workflow and automate reviews) and other future enhancements. 

“It was a labor-intensive effort that produced highly valuable results in an amazingly short period of time,” said Vice President for Finance and RACI chair Tim Walsh in describing the first phase of the process. 

Next steps include developing the specifications for the recommended improvements, development and testing of the new technological approaches, training in using the new processes, and implementation throughout the university.  Duke hopes to implement the new and improved processes during calendar 2013.