Non-Salary Cost Transfer Timing Alert


All non-salary cost transfers to or from federally sponsored projects should be completed using the ZF418 tool in SAP.  Cost Transfers should be completed in a timely manner and include proper documentation.  RCC monitors and reports non-salary cost transfers for allowability, timeliness and adequate documentation.


When completing non-salary cost transfers using the ZF418, make sure that all approvals occur prior to the close of the month.  ZJ documents that are initiated in the current month but receive approval in the next month (beyond the 3-day window during close of month) will be stopped in SAP and will not post.  It may be necessary for Financial Services to manually reset the system to allow for any further action.  This may also cause otherwise timely cost transfers to become untimely.  To avoid these problems, please allow adequate workflow time for cost transfers and have an alternate workflow approval process in place to account for employee absences/vacations.