FY 2011 ECRT Deadlines

Paper copies of the Cost Transfer Only payroll form are no longer accepted by the Office of Sponsored Programs.  The Manual Salary Cost Transfer (MSCT) iForm replaced the CTO payroll paper form.  The intent of the MSCT is to allow you to make retroactive cost distribution changes not accepted by the Cost Distribution iForm,  e.g., employee terminated.  The MSCT iForm was also created to allow you to process retroactive payroll changes after the June payroll deadline but before the Fiscal Year closed.

If you have missed the 06/15/2011 Cost Distribution iForm payroll deadline and you need to process a retroactive payroll change to book in FY 2011 General Ledger, submit a Manual Salary Cost Transfer (MSCT) iForm using Reason Code 05 “Year-end adjustment of effort”.  Reason Code 05 is only available during Fiscal Periods 12 and 13.

After Period 13 closes, you will need to use a Cost Distribution iForm.  The Cost Distribution iForm transaction will book in FY2012 General Ledger, but the effort will be loaded to the appropriate Fiscal Year in ECRT.

Starting  06/16/2011 through 09/30/2011 the MSCT transactions will be loaded to ECRT daily.

Since the MSCT iForm can only be used for a retroactive period, payroll transactions affecting FY 2012 (07/01/2011) and future, will need to be processed via a Cost Distribution iForm. 

Attached is an ECRT Deadline Schedule for your reference.  Please share this information with your Payroll Clerk and other appropriate personnel in your department.

Please direct all your ECRT related questions to ecrt-support at duke.edu.