Sponsored Projects - Information on Federal Government Shutdown

As you are aware, there is the possibility of a federal government shutdown unless budget discussions are resolved today.  I am writing to advise you of key issues that may affect Duke University sponsored program activity, and to provide you with an important update from the Duke University Office of Federal Relations.  The link in the email below will bring you to a landing page that has specific guidance from federal agencies who have provided information thus far; this list will be updated as more information becomes available.

Specific updates that may be applicable to the grant community are:

  1. No new awards will be issued during the period of government shutdown.
    1. New appropriations and awards will be delayed.  The length of the delay will be determined by how long the cessation of federal business lasts.  If agency budgets are cut in certain program areas, pending awards may likewise be reduced or not funded at all.  This should be taken into account as you consider pre-award spending.
  2. GRANTS.GOV will remain open but functioning slow with limited helpdesk and administrative support.
  3. Federal Reimbursement of Active Awards: Letter-of-Credit draws can continue but will likely be slow as there will be limited staffing.  Payments on Duke awards that are paid through means other than a letter of credit may be delayed, based on the fact that there will be no one at the federal level to approve them.
  4. Work should continue on all federal awards; agencies will notify Principal Investigators if work should be stopped or curtailed. However, we do not envision this scenario being commonplace.  If your receive specific sponsor guidance, please notify the appropriate pre-award office immediately. 
  5. Please note: We do not anticipate that any federally funded positions at Duke University will be laid off as a result of the shutdown.  Normal work activities should continue.

Per the Duke University Office of Federal Relations, members of the Duke community concerned about the impact of a shutdown on federally sponsored programs can find direct links to those agencies and departments which fund and regulate research and higher education here: http://www.duke.edu/federalrelations/community/government_links.html

We will continue to evaluate information about the status of the shutdown and will provide updates as they become available.

Jim Luther
Asst. Vice President, Financial Services
Research Costing Compliance Officer
Duke University