Aligning Summer Effort with Summer Salaries

Updated December 8, 2010


Duke University has updated the procedures for charging summer salary to federal awards.  These procedures apply to University faculty with nine-month appointments.  The procedures provide a way for these faculty to recover 3/9ths salary support and provide guidance to ensure appropriate accounting for this effort.


Faculty supported by federal funding can no longer charge 100% effort in up to three of the four summer months.  Faculty may now charge a maximum of 75% effort per month spread over all four summer months (May, June, July, and August).


Memorandum to Campus Faculty and Business/Grant Managers

Memorandum from Provost Lange (pdf)

Summer Supplements on Federal Awards: Revised Procedures for Faculty Compensation (pdf)

GAP 101.6, Supplemental Payments to Exempt Employees

GAP 200.170, Effort Reporting

GAP 200.320, Direct Costing on Sponsored Projects