Depletion of Current Restricted (3xx) Codes

Due to increased demand, available Current Restricted (3xx) codes are rapidly depleting. We expect that all 303 (Department of Health and Human ervices-DHHS) codes will be assigned within the next three weeks. As a result, we have established a new series of Current Restricted codes beginning with the numeral 2 that maintain the current seven-digit code structure (2xxxxxx).

When the supply of 303 codes is exhausted, we will issue 203xxxx for all future DHHS code requests. In the next two-three years, 393 codes will also be depleted; these will be supplemented with 293 codes.

It is important for you to consider the implications of using the new 2xx codes. We strongly encourage you to share this information widely throughout your department or unit, taking care to inform every faculty and staff member of this change. Consider all academic, administrative, and research staff members, even if they have limited access to financial systems.

Your considerations should include:

  • Salary or other payroll functions that involve Current Restricted codes.
  • Financial report variants or templates that include Current Restricted codes. Note that all future 2xx codes will be assigned to the appropriate Organizational Unit (BFR) without any action on your part.
  • Financial feeder and internal "shadow" systems that interact with SAP and support departmental business operations. Make any necessary changes before receiving a new 2xx code.

There may be other considerations for you to bear in mind.

If you need assistance during this transition, please contact either of the following offices:
Accounting System Administration
Phone: (919) 684-2752

Sponsored Programs
Phone: (919) 684-5422

-Jim Luther, Assistant Vice President, Research Costing, Compliance and Federal Reimbursement
-Tom Davis, Director, Sponsored Programs and Cost Analysis