ECRT Update - Adding a Funding Source

The ECRT Certification Period will end on September 18,2009. Please continue to work with the faculty and staff that are required to certify their effort over the next week in order to meet deadline. This goal is important for both institutional reasons and to meet requirements set fort in regulatory guidance. In addition, if the Effort Card(s) is not processed (complete status) by September 14, 2009, the Certifiers will receive a reminder email from ECRT informing them that they need to certify their effort. Two more reminder emails will be sent out by ECRT to the Certifier: September 21, 2009 and September 25, 2009. ECRT will also send out to the Primary Effort Coordinator the reminder emails with a list of Certifiers that were sent the reminder emails.

ECRT was made available for review in July and the July and August payroll updates have been posted to reflect any retroactive changes made since June 30. This was the time when adjustments should have been processed that might have involved adding a funding source. If now you need to add a funding source (code) to the effort card please see the PDF attachment for instructions. Please note that we are using the "add a commitment" functionality in ECRT to add a funding source to the card. Therefore, some of the instructions may seem to not apply, but should be followed.