New iForm Link

On July 1, 2009, Duke went live with our new Effort Reporting System (ECRT). ECRT is tightly integrated with SAP HR/Payroll and iForms. One of the features of this integration is the ability to create retro iForms Cost Distribution transactions via the ECRT worksheet.

You do not have to be set up as an Effort Coordinator in ECRT in order to take advantage of this functionality. The link from iForms displays for all employees, but is not applicable for non-exempt (biweekly) employees or Duke University Health System (DUHS) employees. If you click on the link for these non-applicable employees, you will receive an error message.

The ECRT worksheet allows you to review the effort for a University exempt or faculty individual by month (based on SAP Payroll) and make adjustments on a month by month basis. The monthly adjustments entered on the ECRT worksheet (see example below) will automatically generate one ore more retro iForms Cost Distribution transactions. In the example below, a retro iForms Cost Distribution transaction with the effective dates July 1, 2008– September 30, 2008 would be automatically generated.

iForms Cost Distribution transactions automatically created from the ECRT worksheet are still subject to all iForms edits as well as the standard approvals required in iForms for your department. All the information required to generate an iForms Cost Distribution transaction (including comments) can be entered via the ECRT worksheet. The ECRT worksheet will require you to balance effort to equal 100.0% for each month and in total across all months in the fiscal year.

We believe that access to the month by month payroll postings via the ECRT worksheet will allow iForms users to have more information to make more accurate retro cost distribution changes for University exempt or faculty employees when required. Please note that the ECRT worksheet does not create prospective (future) iForms Cost Distribution transactions – it only addresses retroactive changes. To enter a prospective iForms Cost Distribution change, you should use the standard iForms Request for Cost Distribution Change transaction.

The current link (see below) displays “ECRT Worksheet Prior Fiscal Year”. This will provide access to data for FY2009 for your employees. Once payroll data has been posted for FY2010, an additional link for “ECRT Worksheet Current Fiscal Year” will be added.

We hope you will find this new integration of iForms and effort reporting data useful. If you have any questions regarding the ECRT worksheet, please email ECRT Support.