ECRT Security Added to SAP User Admin Webpage

On July 1, 2009 Duke went live with a new Effort Reporting system for University employees called ECRT.  Security roles for the ECRT application will be maintained through standard SAP security administration processes.  If you are a SAP User Administrator for Duke University Health System (DUHS) SAP users, this change is not applicable to you.

A new selection has been added to the SAP User Administration webpage for the Effort Reporting System (see below).  This new selection will allow the assignment of security rights for Departmental Effort Coordinators in ECRT.  The initial set of Departmental Effort Coordinators has been already loaded in SAP and ECRT.  This new selection on the SAP User Administration web page should only be used to make changes to the initial list of effort coordinators.

An ECRT user can be either a Primary Effort Coordinator or a Secondary Effort Coordinator.  Once the Effort Coordinator type is selected, click on Other for the Org Entry Point and enter the SAP Organization code for the organizational unit (school, department, etc.) for which this position should be the Effort Coordinator.

Like all SAP security roles, the Effort Coordinator security role will be assigned to the position identified on the User Administration web page.  As the employee holding the position change over time, the new employee will automatically inherit the ECRT security role.

If you have any questions, please contact Accounting Systems Administration at (919) 684-2752.