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FOCUS ON:  Clean Close
Note: This process only applies to reportable WBSEs/fund codes (20x-28x, 30x-38x). 

As of July 1, 2016, the expectation is that all (reportable) sponsored projects meet Clean Close standards. Clean Close means that all activity related to a sponsored project be posted to the general ledger prior to the timely submission of closeout documents by the business unit.
All closeouts submitted will follow Clean Close requirements.

  • Anticipated expenses are no longer accepted when submitting closeout documents
  • Submission of Closeout Tasklist indicates that final accounting of project is complete and ready for reporting to the sponsor
  • Transfer Off Tool is activated with submission of closeout documents
  • ZF114: Transactions After End Date no longer required with closeout documentation and no longer available in SAP for departments
  • Updated GAP 200.180, Closeout of Sponsored Project was released on July 1, 2016

UGC 2.3 – Clerical/Administrative Personnel Charges on Federal Awards

The policy for charging clerical and administrative personnel to federal awards changed with the implementation of the Uniform Guidance (UG).  For awards subject to the Uniform Guidance, administrative or clerical personnel costs may be directly charged to a project only if:  

  1. these costs are integral to the project,
  2. are included in the proposal budget, and/or
  3. have received prior approval by the sponsor. 

If an awarded project, subject to the UG, does not include clerical and administrative personnel costs in the proposed and awarded budget, sponsor approval MUST be obtained prior to charging these costs.

RCC will issue a report following the close of the August accounting period, indicating clerical and administrative personnel charges that appear to not have sponsor approval, as indicated by the SAP budget entries. Sponsor approval for these charges should be verified/confirmed and if absent the charges must be removed from the federal award.  It is possible to request sponsor approval after the charge has posted, but federal sponsors are clearly indicating that this approval is rarely provided.  Please ensure that all clerical/administrative charges are included in proposals budgets.

Please read UGC 2.3 – Clerical/Administrative Personnel Charges on Federal Awards (pdf) for further details regarding Duke’s procedures, including those for federal projects not subject to the UG.

HOLD THE DATE:  2016 Symposium for Research Administrators

This year’s Symposium for Research Administrators will be held on November 15, 2016 at the Durham Convention Center.  This all day event will feature how Duke University and its employees are “Living the Dream” each and every day through research and those supporting it!  The Symposium will offer a variety of sessions to attend in the morning and afternoon, as well as an update on new technologies and/or reports during Tech Talk.  Posters will again be on display to show-off some of the amazing work being done to improve research administration across Duke.  Stay tuned for further announcements about this year’s Symposium for Research Administrators.

Effort Certification Period for FY2016

The Effort Certification Period for FY2016 (7/1/15-6/30/16) started on August 1, 2016.  Certifiers should certify their effort through ECRT, Duke’s Effort Certification and Reporting Technology, and Effort Coordinators should review and process completed effort statements by the deadline. 
The deadlines for completing the Effort Certification are as follows:

  • School of Medicine: August 12, 2016 - School of Medicine (SOM) Faculty Members - this deadline to certify University effort and TPE is necessary as there are multiple steps required to report and review SOM faculty members' effort. SOM staff receiving this notice should also follow the August 12th deadline. This deadline overrides the ECRT default deadline noted below.
  • All Other Schools: September 30, 2016 ECRT default deadline.

Further information and details regarding effort certification and deadlines, please visit the Effort website.

ECRT Deadline Schedule for FY2016

Now Accepting Applications for RAA Certificate Program:  Cohort III

The Research Administration Academy (RAA) is offered on a cohort-based schedule.  The cohort style requires participants to attend all of the RAA Core classes together, providing a setting that promotes comradery and collaboration between participants.  Upon completion of the required RAA Core classes, participants can immediately enroll in the electives selected by their supervisor at time of application.  RCC uses the Duke Learning Management System (LMS) for all elective class enrollment.

Eligibility:  Applicants must be a Duke employee with more than 50% of their job responsibilities in the field of research administration.  The program is designed for those with 0-2 years of research administration experience and employees in grant manager positions.  Those with more than 2 years of grant management experience and who are new to Duke will also benefit from the program. 
RAA Application (pdf) with completed Elective Decision Matrix should be submitted to RCC at rcc-cert at

RAA Program & full list of applicable electives

Applicants should review the RCC Business Rules prior to submitting an RAA application.

Congratulations to Jenni Clark and Welcome Brooke Marchetti!

Research Costing Compliance (RCC) wishes Jenni Clark the very best and congratulates her on her new role as Grants & Contracts Manager at Duke Translational Medicine Institute!  Her hard work and dedication to training will be missed.  Please join RCC in welcoming Brooke Marchetti to the team as an Education & Training Coordinator! 


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