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Reminder: Continuing Education Credit Requirements Due June 30, 2015

As we near the end of the current fiscal year (7/1/2014-6/30/2015), please remember that all RCC, RAA, AGM, RAI, and FCC certified individuals have until June 30, 2015 to complete continuing education requirements in order to maintain certification. The FY15 continuing education requirements to maintain RCC, RAA, AGM, RAI, and FCC certifications are:

Continuing education credits may be earned by completing various training opportunities, such as RAA classes and Central Office quarterly meetings.  If you attend a training opportunity off-campus, such as professional organization meeting, you are required to complete and submit a Request for RCC Certification Credit (pdf) form to RCC to receive credit.  Webinars do NOT count as continuing education credit, unless hosted and advertised by RCC.  For further details about earning continuing education credit necessary for maintaining your RCC, RAA, AGM, RAI, or FCC certification, please visit the Continuing Education webpage.  You may check your continuing education credits in the Duke LMS or the RCC Training Tracker.

Resources to Help Navigate RCC Training

Research Costing Compliance (RCC) has made resources available online to help Duke employees navigate the multiple training opportunities, certificate programs, continuing education requirements, and electronic systems that support RCC training.  Below are some of the resources available online to assist employees:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    • FAQs about the RCC training programs and the Duke LMS.
  • Course Catalog
    • Catalog of classes offered by RCC, ORA, and ORS, as well as course requirements for certificate programs.  The Course Catalog provides a description, continuing education credit(s), course number, duration, and if a no-show fee is associated with it.
  • RCC Business Rules
    • Requirements for the RAA, AGM, FCC, and RAI certificate programs, continuing education requirements, introductory classes, FasTracks, leave policy, no-show policy, and severe weather policy.
  • Duke LMS User Guide for RCC Training (pdf)
    • Step-by-step instructions for the most common actions done by users.
  • RCC Training Tracker User Guide (pdf)
    • Step-by-step instructions for using the new RCC Training Tracker to view completed research administration training and certifications and print your transcript.
  • RCC Website
    • Informative website provides detailed information regarding the RCC Certificate Programs, continuing education requirements, FasTracks, PI continuing education, Symposium for Research Administrators, training opportunities, etc.

Tips on Using the Duke Learning Management System (LMS)

Duke’s online Learning Management System (LMS), provides employees with the autonomy to manage nearly all aspects of their training.  Users have the ability to:

  • search for upcoming training opportunities
  • register for training
  • cancel or drop registration
  • view in-progress learning
  • view already attended/completed training
  • complete any class requirements (quiz, evaluation, etc.)
  • view credits earned

Users can complete the above tasks through their LMS homepage.  Use the table below to help navigate you to the appropriate place in the LMS to complete these tasks.  Further details and step-by-step instructions can be found in the Duke LMS User Guide for RCC Training (pdf).

LMS Task

Where on LMS Homepage


Search for upcoming training opportunities

Catalog Search

Click “Category” link to search for a class in the Research Administration category

Register for training

Catalog Search

After searching the catalog for a class, click on the class title to see further details.  Time of class is in Learning Assignments tab.

Cancel or drop registration

In-Progress Learning Activities

You must click the “Drop” button two separate times to cancel.  After cancellation, you will get a green thumbs-up and a confirmation e-mail.

View in-progress learning

In-Progress Learning Activities

Click View All In-Progress Activities if registered for several classes.  In-progress learning can be sorted in multiple ways for easier search.

View already attended/completed training

View Completed Learning

Enter date range of classes you wish to view.  To view current fiscal year training, enter first date of fiscal year in Completion Date after field (Ex. 7/1/2014).  Classes are “Complete” after RCC completes administrative tasks within 3 days of the quiz & evaluation deadline.

Complete any class requirements (quiz, evaluation, etc.)

In-Progress Learning Activities

All course requirements are in Learning Assignments tab of the class page.

View credits earned

View Completed Learning

To view current fiscal year training, enter first date of fiscal year in Completion Date after field (Ex. 7/1/2014).  Credits can be found by scrolling to the far right of the page. 

RCC has created resources to help guide learners through some of the most commonly used parts of the LMS:

Duke LMS User Guide for RCC Training (pdf)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

New RCC Training Tracker

The new RCC Training Tracker has recently been released and includes many enhancements for improved reporting of employees’ completed RCC training, active certifications, and certification renewals. 

  • Training Search can be used to view completed training
  • Apply filter to view training for only those with completed research administration training and/or those in Grant Manager positions, as classified by HR
  • Training data viewed in the Training Search tab can be downloaded to Excel by clicking the “Spreadsheet” button, which users can sort, filter, and manipulate as they wish
  • New Certification Search tab provides a quick glance of a person’s or Org Code’s currently held RCC certifications, including RCC, RAA, AGM, RAI, and FCC Certificates
  • Certification Search also provides the total number of credits currently earned for the current fiscal year and the previous fiscal year
  • Drill down capability from the Certification Search by clicking on the number of credits to view that fiscal year’s earned credits in detail
  • New My Transcript tab allows the user to pull his/her own full transcript, which includes certificates earned, certificate renewals earned, and completed training by fiscal year and can be printed

The url for the RCC Training Tracker has changed.  If you have the RCC Training Tracker bookmarked, please update your bookmark with the new url:

RCC Training Tracker

Accepting Applications for CRA Study Group

RCC’s semi-annual CRA Study Group is now open for registration. The study group reviews a breadth of research administration topics based on the Research Administration Certification Council’s “Body of Knowledge.” If you plan to take the CRA exam in November 2015 or May 2016, please join us for an in-depth review and discussion of topics that may be covered in the Certified Research Administrator exam. The study group is limited to 20 participants. The deadline for the CRA Study Group registration is July 10, 2015. Read more.

Closeout Project Update

REMINDERS for The Closeout Process

  • Closeout Tasklist
    The Closeout Tasklist will become mandatory as of July 1, 2015; both the Post-Award Closeout Checklist and the Clinical Research Study Closeout Checklist will no longer be accepted after July 1, 2015.

Please contact your Implementation Team with any questions or feedback.

Other News

HOLD THE DATE – 2015 Symposium for Research Administrators

Mark your calendars for the 2015 Symposium for Research Administrators!  This annual event is scheduled for Tuesday, November 10, 2015.  Details about this year’s Symposium will be announced through the Grant Management Community News and/or e-Blasts in the coming months.


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