Effort Reporting & ECRT

As part of federal requirements regarding the use of grants and other sponsored funds, Duke University must report on 100 percent of an individual’s effort (work time) according to the funding source and activities related to the individual’s pay.

Duke uses the Effort Certification and Reporting Technology (ECRT), a web-based system that is part of the Duke@Work self-service website, for reporting and certifying effort.  The ECRT integrates financial, payroll, and research administrative functions and is designed to enhance compliance management, improve financial information for academic units through comprehensive reporting, and significantly reduce the administrative burden of the effort reporting process.

The ECRT supports the following:

  1. Annual effort certifications;
  2. The quarterly notification process;
  3. Total professional effort (TPE);
  4. Effort supporting Duke University Hospitals; and
  5. Management reporting of effort data

Each department will have two groups of ECRT users:

  • Effort Coordinators, who will be responsible for the final review and processing of completed effort statements.
  • Certifiers (faculty and exempt staff) who will be responsible for certifying their effort.

Contact Information

If you have questions concerning ECRT, please email ECRT-Support.