eRA@Duke Project


Formerly titled the RACI Document Management (DM) Project, the eRA@Duke (Electronic Research Administration at Duke) Project has been formally underway since August 2012, and is one of RACI’s main institution-wide initiatives. The objective of eRA@Duke is to electronically enable research administration processes in order to promote efficiency, transparency and the seamless transfer of required information across Duke Org Units and IT systems. The streamlining of core business processes will be achieved by leveraging workflow, security and reporting functionality in SPS, SAP and Duke@Work. The eRA@Duke Project is currently comprised of the following four workstreams: Notice of Award, CAS/Rebudgeting, Fund Code & Plan Setup and Award Management & Closeout.

Workstream Highlights

Notice of Award (functionality live)

  • Increased efficiency and standardization in processes between ORA and ORS
  • Implementation of additional compliance checks

CAS/Rebudgeting (functionality live)

CAS/Rebudget Form

  • Improve process time and add transparency by enabling electronic routing and approvals
  • Automatic update of plan in SAP once approved by pre-award office
  • Integration of SPS and SAP
  • Automatic calculations; reduction of manual entry

CAS Reports

  • Real time access to CAS data to monitor compliance with applicable regulations

Fund Code & Plan Setup (in progress/on hold)

  • Integration of SPS and SAP (reduction of timing delays and manual entry errors)
  • Most requests for new WBSEs will be initiated by departments using an electronic WBSE request form in SPS; request forms will workflow from departments to ORA/ORS to provide transparency of data and timeline
  • Automatic loading of plan; workflow directly to OSP

Award Management & Closeout (in progress)

  • Focus is currently on the Closeout aspect of this workstream. The Closeout Project aims to: facilitate transition to new policies/business processes that support timely and complete closeout documentation, promote transparency to the process for grant managers, business managers and Management Centers/Schools, and mitigate risk of financial loss to Duke. Please view Closeout Project for more information.