Career Progression: Grants & Contracts Administrator

Tiers are used to differentiate among the Grants & Contracts Administrator classifications. These Tiers are based on an individual's proficiency, years of experience and training/certification accomplishments within the role of the Grants and Contracts Administrator.  

Tier Details

  • Employees must maintain the certification and training requirements for the job classification and tier.
  • New hires to Duke can be hired into the Associate, Advanced, or Senior tiers. New hires cannot be hired into the Team Leader. New hires have 12 months to complete RAA and an additional 6 months to complete AGM (if required for their tier).  If the requirements are not met, the employee may receive a pay and tier reduction.
  • Failure to meet/maintain the RAA requirement will be addressed through the performance review process.
  • If an employee does not maintain the certifications for the Advanced, Senior, and Team Lead tiers, the tier will be reduced and the employee’s salary will typically be reduced.
  • A typical pay increase for a tier promotion is 5%. If an increase of greater than 5% is warranted due to equity and other factors, approval is required by the management center. An increase may be less than 5% due to internal equity.
  • The need for a Lead is determined by the Business Manager. It may not be needed in every unit. Generally, there is no more than 1 lead/unit.
  • The Lead role reflects an individual’s advanced competencies as well as responsibilities for mentoring and developing staff.
  • The Lead may or may not carry the same responsibilities as a full supervisor.
  • The pay increase for a Lead applies only for the period the individual serves in the Lead capacity and is removed if s/he transfers or steps down from the Lead role.

Tier Advancement

  • During both the annual performance review and mid-year performance review, the manager should discuss the certification and training requirements for the position and the tiers with each incumbent as part of their individual development plan.
  • In late July/early August, R&R will provide the management centers with a tier advancement template that will include the Grants and Contracts Administrators and their current tiers.
  • In order to be eligible for tier advancement, the Grants and Contracts Administrator must meet the training requirements by June 30th.
  • By mid-September, managers will submit requests for tier advancement to the Dean’s offices in the University and the SoM Management Center for further review.
  • If approved, the working title changes and increases for tier advancement will typically be effective October 1 (processed via rate and schedule change form).
  • If employees no longer meet the requirements of the tier, their tier will be reduced and it may impact their salary.
       *A timeline will be provided by the management centers with specific dates


Note: For a larger version of the chart above, please download the pdf.