How to Provide Products or Services - Health System

Businesses interested in providing products or services to Duke University or Duke University Health System should mail information (including a business card) to:

Duke University/Duke University Health System
Procurement & Supply Chain Management
200 Facilities Center, Box 90172
Durham, NC 27708

Consultants, service providers, vendors, and independent contractors ("vendors") are an integral part of Duke Medicine's performance of its activities, and it is a priority of ours to ensure that vendors, along with us, participate in the Compliance Program and uphold the Code of Conduct, Duke Medicine policies applicable laws and regulations, and Joint Commission standards when providing services to and for us.

Vendors are prohibited from providing gifts or courtesies, including entertainment, travel, food, business luncheons, mugs, pens, or any other marketing material regardless of value. Sample medication stocked within the Duke outpatient clinics in accordance with Duke's policies and applicable regulations and models of devices and supplies to assist with patient education are permitted.

In circumstances where vendors wish to support the mission of the Duke, the vendor may provide an unrestricted donation to a department's educational fund.

We thank you for partnering with us as we continue to display practices that reflect our continuing ethical commitment to our patients.