Within Duke Medicine, we have created a Compliance Program and a Code of Conduct, Integrity In Action, to show our commitment to doing things the right way. Here are some key points about our Compliance Program:

What is Compliance?

Compliance is doing the right thing by following the rules. It means we understand and comply with all the laws and policies that apply to our organization. We ask questions, report compliance concerns, and address issues.

Who is Responsible for Compliance?

Every person here. This includes every employee, governing board member, administrator, physician, student, volunteer, as well as those with whom we do business.

What Do I Do if I Think a Law or Policy is Not Being Followed?

You must report it. You can:

  • Contact your supervisor or other managers up the chain of command
  • Contact your compliance officer
  • Or if you want to report a concern anonymously, call the Integrity Line: 1-800-826-8109

What Will Happen if I Report a Compliance Concern?

The concern will be investigated and addressed appropriately. If you report a compliance concern in good faith, you are protected by Duke Medicine’s Non-Retaliation/ Non-Retribution Policy (


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