Integrity in Action, Duke Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct, “Integrity in Action,” presents the principles that guide everyone’s work at Duke University Health System (DUHS), the Private Diagnostic Clinic PLLC (PDC), and the Duke University School of Medicine (SOM), and the School of Nursing (SON) (hereinafter “Duke Medicine”).

We strive to achieve excellence and maintain the highest ethical standards in the way we serve patients and conduct  business, research, and education. Our Code of Conduct and our Compliance Program provide the framework to ensure that these high standards of conduct are demonstrated consistently across our organization and that we live out our common mission, vision, and values on a daily basis.

Success in our mission to provide the very best of health care, medical education, and research depends upon the commitment of each one of us toward these shared ideals. By demonstrating integrity in every action we take, we will continue to earn the trust of our patients, the loyalty of our colleagues, and the respect of the communities we serve.

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Section One: Duke Medicine Compliance

The Code of Conduct
Which Laws and Regulations Apply to Our Work?
The Compliance Program
What If I Think a Law or Policy Is Not Being Followed?
The Integrity Line: 1-800-826-8109
What Will Happen If I Report a Compliance Concern?
Expectations for Consultants and Vendors

Section Two: Our Responsibilities Toward Others

Patient Care and Patients’ Rights
Interactions with Physicians and Other Health Care Providers
The Work Environment
Education and Teaching

Section Three: Integrity in Our Actions

Conflict of Interest and/or Commitment
Political Activity and Contributions
Government Investigations

Section Four: Financial and Business Standards

Coding and Billing
False Claims Act
Financial Reporting
Safeguarding Our Assets

Section Five: We Want Your Feedback