Section Five: We Want Your Feedback

It is critical that our Compliance Program is effectively communicated throughout all levels of the organization. Compliance is the responsibility of all members of Duke Medicine. The Compliance Program and this Code may be modified to reflect future changes in laws and regulations or to improve compliance communication. Please submit your Compliance Program suggestions to the Compliance Office.


By signing this form, I acknowledge that I have been oriented to the Duke Medicine Compliance Program, have received my personal copy of the Duke Medicine Code of Conduct, and agree to abide by its terms, as it may be amended from time to time.



Signature (sign above)   Name (as it appears on social security card; please print above)



Date   Employer/Entity



Department and Supervisor   Unique ID Number
(see unique ID on back of name badge)


Please complete, sign, and mail white copy of form to:

DUMC 3162
DURHAM, NC 27710

Keep the yellow copy for your supervisor. Thank you.


DUHS Compliance Office

If you have any Compliance questions or concerns, please call (919) 668-2573, send an e-mail to compliance at, or visit our website at

INTEGRITY In ACTION 1-800-826-8109

You may also contact the Human Resource Office at your facility regarding Human Resources issues.

Additional Information

If you have questions about the Code, the Compliance Program, a privacy or security issue, or need additional information, contact:

DUHS Compliance Office
(919) 668-2573

Davis Ambulatory
Surgical Center
(919) 470-1008

Duke University Hospital
(919) 668-2119

Durham Regional Hospital
(919) 470-5343

Duke Raleigh Hospital
(919) 862-5965

Duke HomeCare & Hospice
(919) 620-3853

DUHS Diagnostic Services
(919) 681-8878

Duke Primary Care
(919) 668-4255

Patient Revenue Management Organization
(919) 684-6026

Private Diagnostic Clinic
Compliance Office
(919) 668-5161

School of Medicine/School of Nursing Compliance Office
(919) 684-2144


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