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Online Expense Reports Video Series for Out of Pocket Non-Travel

The Online Expense Report Tool through Duke@Work is the method for which Duke Employees enter travel, out-of-pocket non-travel expenses and corporate card expenses. Users will learn how to use all facets of the tool including how to process travel and non-travel expenses that involve reimbursements and corporate card charges. These videos provide a comprehensive look at tool functionality for a variety of different transactions and users.
Entire Video Series
View Complete Video (18:15)

1. How to Access the Online Expense Report Tool
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    1a. My Trips and Expenses (2:26)
    1b. Travel and Expenses (How to View/Enter Expenses for Other Employees) (1:44)
    1c. Create New Expense Report - Out of Pocket Non-Travel (0:48)

2. How to Customize and Filter
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3. Step 1: General Data
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    3a. Calendar of Trips (1:39)
    3b. Cost Assignment (2:58)
    3c. Attachments (1:53)

4. Step 2: Enter Receipts
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    4a. Enter Receipts (2:08)
    4b. Cost Assignment Individual Receipt (01:07)

5. Step 3: Review and Send
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6. Step 4: Completed
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7. Logout and Conclusion
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