Duke Print Management

Duke Print Management Program exists to serve University and Health System customers with all their print, design and mailing needs while reducing costs.

Printing projects, such as brochures, posters, newsletter, magazines, direct mail packages, etc. costing more than $5,000 and all repeating publications costing more than $5,000 annually, should be specified, bid and coordinated by the Duke Print Management team. Departments may at their discretion, request the assistance of print consultants with projects with a cost under this threshold. Duke Print Management

  • Allows Duke to benefit from volume buying, competitive pricing and track savings
  • Provides a team of experienced print management consultants who will assist with print needs - including budgeting for print projects, bidding, guidance with the printing process, and assistance with the mailing process.

Duke Print Management supports branding and vendor management efforts of Duke University  and Duke Health by collaborating and partnering with the Duke University Office of Marketing and Strategic Communications and Duke Medicine Creative Services and Marketing. Additionally, Duke Print Management supports trademark licensing efforts regarding Duke branded products and apparel by collaborating and partnering with the Office of Trademark Licensing.

The Program is responsible for coordinating and overseeing:

  • Commercial and specialty printing services (offset and digital)
  • Print specification development and review for cost effective printing
  • Bidding of print and direct mail projects
  • Mail addressing services of completed printed projects
  • Photocopying services that cost more than $5,000 not produced at Duke Copy Center
  • Developing contracts for magazines, newsletters and other repeat publications
  • Reviewing large scale design proposals
  • Developing and monitoring Preferred Vendor Pools

The Program may make referrals for, and coordinate at department's request:

  • Graphic design
  • Mail addressing services on projects without printing as part of the project

To leverage Duke's buying power plus ensure high quality and service, the Program has identified a select group of preferred print vendors to provide these services.

How to Purchase Print Services through the Print Management Program

Duke Print Management experts assist Duke Staff with print projects. To get started on your print project, follow the steps below:

  1. Provide details or specifications of your project.
    Send via email, or have your designer send, specifications as known to Print@duke.edu or to Roger Lewis or Adam Barnes. We will analyze your request, bid the project to at least three appropriate vendors and provide you with bid details, and the specifications the vendor based the bid upon. Finally, we will recommend the most appropriate vendor for your consideration and acceptance.
  2. Review and approve vendor and cost recommendation.
    Once you approve the recommendation, we will assist you in a requisition or other appropriate means to pay for the project, create a purchase order if needed, send a Print Order and your order is placed. Records of specifications and orders are maintained by Duke Print Management.
  3. Review proofs.
    All proofs will be sent directly to you and/or your designee for your approval. Final approvals should be by a Duke staff or faculty member, not a designer or consultant. Changes incurring costs once your project has been released to the vendor will be documented on a change order form by the vendor. The vendor will provide copies of this form to both you and the Print Program Team. Once you approve changes and costs, we will adjust the Purchase Order if needed.

Note: Internal financial approvals may be required by individual entities or departments. All regular internal approval steps should be followed before signing a Purchase Requisition or contacting any vendor to begin work. Print projects should be on a purchase order.

Contact Information

Roger Lewis
Senior Sourcing Manager, Print Programs
Phone: (919) 681-3503
Fax: (919) 684-4344

Adam Barnes
Sourcing Manager
Phone: (919) 668-5654
Fax: (919) 684-4344