Floral Program

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What information must be provided?

    Hospitalized Employees - In the event an employee is hospitalized, the department designee must provide the employee's name, hospital, and room number. In order for flowers to be sent, the employee must be admitted and in an assigned room. A 24-hour minimum hospital stay is required. Download a Request Form and contact the approved florist.

    Funeral / Visitation - In the event of the death of an employee or member of the employee's immediate family, the department designee is required to download and complete the Request form making sure to provide the name of the decedent, relationship to the employee, and name and address of the funeral home including zip code. Designee must also provide the date and time of the funeral/visitation.  Contact the approved florist.

    Missed Funeral/Visitation - In the event the visitation was missed or if there is no service, an arrangement can be delivered to the employee’s local home address or the employee’s Duke address only. Employee’s local address including city, zip code, and phone number must be provided at the time of the request to the approved florist. Download a Floral Request Form and contact an approved florist.

  2. Who are eligible recipients of this program?

    Duke faculty/staff and members of their immediate family and for hospitalized employees. [Immediate family members include spouse, child, mother, father, sister, and brother.]

  3. What is written on the card that accompanies the flowers?

    Duke University and Health System / Department name.

  4. Are flowers sent to retirees or people on Long Term Disability?


  5. Can flowers be sent to the home of a sick employee under the floral program?


  6. When will the flowers be delivered?

    -In the event of death - day of the visitation.
       -Hospitalizations - Same day or following morning.
    *Vendor has right to availability on delivery

  7. Can we send flowers out of state?


  8. Can flowers be picked up at the florist instead of being delivered?

    Yes, please provide the name of the person who will be picking up the arrangement.