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Buy@Duke Enhancements Available 10/15/12

Standing Orders

Standing Orders may now be processed using Buy@Duke. This process replaces the current paper Standing Order requisition. Please begin using Buy@Duke as you create Standing Orders.

It is important to remember that Standing Orders should be used primarily for maintenance contracts, repair services, dry ice, and gas cylinders. It is also important to remember that at the time Standing Orders are created in Buy@Duke, commitments are created in the SAP financial system.

Instructions for creating Standing Orders may be found here.  Once a user has created a Standing Order request, it will follow the same approval process as regular Buy@Duke Shopping Carts before moving to Procurement Services for final review and Purchase Order creation.

Purchasing Professional or Consulting Services on Sponsored Funding Source

When purchasing professional or consulting services, departments should complete an Outside Services Agreement (OSA) before the vendor provides any services. The OSA defines the scope of work to be provided, the effective dates for the work, and the total cost of the engagement. It also establishes the approved legal terms and conditions that govern the engagement. Approval from the offices of Research Support or Research Administration, as well as Procurement Services, is required prior to executing the OSA.

Instructions for purchasing professional and consulting services may be found here.  OSA forms can be found on the Financial Services website.

Ongoing, Post-Implementation Training Available

The Financial Services Training team offers ongoing training for new Buy@Duke users or users who could not attend a class during their departments’ implementation period. First, a series of short videos is available and can be viewed anytime. Second, monthly classroom training is available.  For information about both the videos and the classes, including a schedule of available times and dates, click here.

FAQs Available Online

The Buy@Duke team has prepared an extensive list of frequently-asked questions (FAQs) and answers which can be found here.  If you have any questions regarding this information or about Buy@Duke in general, contact the Procurement Services staff by email or phone (919-681-1842).

8/3/12 - Radioisotope Ordering Process Change

The process of ordering radioisotopes has changed. You will no longer be required to enter radioisotope order information in the OESO radiation ordering website.  Click here to read the full memo, which includes detailed process information.  For additional information, please visit the Buy@Duke Training Resources section.

3/30/12 - Canceling a Goods Receipt Confirmation

Instructions are now available to assist in the cancelation of a goods receipt confirmation.  Click here to view the step-by-step instructions, including screen shots.

Buy@Duke Enhancements Available 3/23/12

Below you will find a list of the most recent enhancements available on 3/23/12.  For a printable pdf file with screen shots, please click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of the enhancements necessitated resetting the columns in Work Lists to the system defaults. If you customized the layout of the columns or changed any of the search criteria, you will need to reset these to your preference. These changes did not affect Personalizations (Position Attributes or User Account settings).

  1. The Supplier Name and Supplier ID number now appear in the Work List. These were not available previously.
  2. The cart creator’s name appears in the Work List. This was not available previously.
  3. The Work List tab labeled Shopping Carts now lists all carts a user has either created or submitted. Previously, if another user submitted a team cart it would leave the Shopping Carts tab of the original cart creator.
  4. On the Create Confirmation document, the Supplier Catalog number for an item appears. This was not available previously.
  5. For Approvers, the Inquire button’s label has changed to Return Cart to Submitter. This action allows the Approver to return the cart to the Submitter for changes, corrections, or more information.
  6. For Approvers, the Reject button’s label has changed to Reject and Return to Submitter. This action allows the Approver to reject the cart and return it to the Submitter for information purposes.
  7. For Submitters, the Order button has changed its label to Submit Cart. This action allows the Submitter to move the cart forward for review and approval or for Purchase Order creation.
  8. The Notify button menu now shows Submitters. This replaces Orderer.
  9. The Work List shows the name of the person who created the Confirmation (Goods Receipt). This was not available previously.
  10. When reviewing Purchase Orders (Follow-on Documents), users may use the Add Post-Order Internal Info function to add a note. This function is accessed on the Details: Notes and Attachments tab.
  11. The Special Needs column heading has changed to Special Handling.
  12. In the Special Handling menu, the Bill Only selection has been changed to Confirming Order-Bill Only.
  13. The Approval Note field has been enlarged.
  14. In the Personalization section, the Logical System setting for the financial accounts (Cost Center, G/L Account, WBS Element) will default to PRD 100. Previously, users had to select the Logical System from a drop-down list.
  15. For carts that were returned, the Process button has changed to Submit. This function resubmits a returned cart for proper workflow.
  16. Buy@Duke Department Administrators may add Purchasing Substitutes for users in the Personalization process. This function was not available previously.

Procurement Services has recently introduced a number of enhancements to the Buy@Duke e-procurement tool.  Buy@Duke is designed to simplify the purchasing process at Duke and is currently implemented in thirteen departments with more than 1400 users. After several months of using the tool, a number of improvements have been identified to make Buy@Duke more effective.

Latest enhancements include the following:

Goods Receipt

A routine has been established to help users locate the purchase orders that need confirming without having to search for individual purchase order numbers. Click here for additional information.  Enhancement and streamlining of the system’s goods receipt process (confirmations) are currently in development.

Reorganizing the Shopping Cart Display

Users have expressed an interest in reorganizing their cart lists for different purposes (e.g., to collapse line items to displays carts only, organize by status, etc.). A document describing how to reformat the cart lists can be found here.

Discontinued Use of the Code Exception Statement

Users no longer need to add the code exception statement to the Approval Note field when purchasing on an accounting code (cost object) that is owned by another department/institute/center.

Ordering from VWR Storeroom

Products from the VWR Storeroom are now accessible on the VWR punch-out catalog. Choose the ‘Custom Catalog’ link on the punch-out home screen to access the Storeroom’s onsite inventory. Additionally, all VWR text orders are now routed to the Storeroom for processing.

Functionality of the Inquire Button

Cart inquiries by Approvers or Procurement now return the cart to its Submitter. Previously, the cart was routed back to the cart creator, which included users in a Shopper role.

‘Bill Only PO’ Name Change

‘Bill Only PO’ orders will soon be changed to the more common ‘Confirming Order’ term in the system. Business Units that would like to utilize Buy@Duke’s approval workflow and tracking for invoices have the ability to use the Confirming Order feature to pay invoices.

Automatic Routing of Equipment Screening Forms to Surplus

Surplus is prepared to receive and review Equipment Screening Forms through Buy@Duke cart routing. Completed forms can be attached to Buy@Duke carts and routed to Surplus by adding an ‘ad-hoc’ approver to the order. Details on how to accomplish this in the system can be found here.