Buy@Duke FAQ Topics

Buy@Duke Help Desk:  919-681-1872


  • What is Buy@Duke?
  • Why should I use Buy@Duke?
  • What browsers can I use with Buy@Duke?
  • What should I do if the system is running slow or my window hangs?
  • Using the asterisk (*) in Buy@Duke
  • The search criterion is correct but no results match
  • Where can I find training materials?
  • Who can I contact for assistance?


  • What is the difference between a hosted supplier and a punch-out supplier?
  • Which suppliers charge shipping?
  • Can I ask that a specific supplier catalog be added to Buy@Duke?
  • I get special pricing from a supplier.  How do I handle those purchases so I get my special pricing?
  • I'm doing a text order and am seeing multiple addresses for the same supplier. Which should I choose?
  • How do I access the VWR Storeroom Catalog?
  • Tips for searching for Suppliers in Buy@Duke


  • How do I create a cart for a new supplier?
  • How do I reference a quote or special promotion in my cart?
  • How do I rush an order so I receive it tomorrow?
  • How do I arrange payment for an invoice I have received?
  • How do I delete a cart that has NOT been Approved or sent to the Supplier?
  • How do I order Radioisotopes?
  • How do I order live animals using Buy@Duke?
  • Processing a cart for Select Agents
  • What criterion determines if a Sole Source Justification is required?
  • What special handling is required when ordering Capital Equipment?
  • How do I use Buy@Duke to place an order using an existing Standing Purchase Order number?
  • How do I determine who within my department should approve my shopping cart? Is there a way to see this in the system?
  • How do I add a reviewer or another approver to my cart?
  • How do I set up a cart for an Outside Service Agreement (OSA) when using a Federally funded code?
  • How do I find out the status of my shopping cart?
  • What do I do with a cart that was sent back to me from an approver?
  • I need to pay a Subrecipient invoice received that will be coded to G/L 697160 (valid for Sponsored Programs only).
  • How can I find my cart if I don't have the cart or PO number?

Purchase Order

  • How do I delete a cart that has not been Approved or sent to the Supplier?
  • What do I do if I need to cancel an order that has a status of “Follow-on Document Created”?
  • How can I obtain copies of purchase orders created in Buy@Duke?
  • How can I confirm the supplier received my order from Buy@Duke if I don’t receive a confirmation?
  • How can I view invoices posted to purchase orders created in Buy@Duke?
  • Who do I contact if my question is not answered above?

Goods Receipt

  • What happens if I did not receive a packing slip with my order?
  • What do I do if I need to change or cancel a Goods Receipt Confirmation?

Maintaining Buy@Duke

  • How do I assign roles for new employees in Buy@Duke?
  • How do I remove employee permissions in Buy@Duke when an employee is terminated?

For Additional Information

  • Who do I contact if my question is not answered above?