Supplier FAQs

  1. What is the difference between a hosted supplier and a punch-out supplier?

    A hosted supplier is a pre-approved supplier whose catalogs are loaded in the Duke Marketplace, with Duke pricing and product descriptions.  Duke’s Procurement staff maintains the pricing for hosted supplier catalogs.  You can use the search function to search these catalogs by keyword or catalog number.  A punch-out supplier is a pre-approved supplier with a specific website catalog that contains Duke pricing. From the Duke Marketplace home/shop page you have a direct link to the supplier's website. Use the supplier's search feature and catalog to find your products.  When you complete shopping, follow the links to checkout from the suppliers' website catalog, the products will be added to your Buy@Duke shopping cart, and you will be directed back to Buy@Duke site.

  2. Which suppliers charge shipping?

    Suppliers listed as Hosted or Punch-Out will have notes in the Marketplace regarding their shipping policies. Other suppliers should be contacted individually for their shipping policies.

  3. Can I ask that a specific supplier catalog be added to Buy@Duke?

    Yes.  If a specific supplier is requested by a number of areas at Duke, if volume warrants it, if the supplier is technically capable, and meets procurement requirements, the supplier may be added to the Buy@Duke Marketplace.  Contact the Buy@Duke Help Desk with your requests or call 919-681-1872.

  4. I get special pricing from a supplier. How do I handle those purchases so I get my special pricing?

    Punch-out Catalog Suppliers:
      Some have the functionality on their site to accommodate special quotes.
      Each site is vendor specific. If no option to enter a specific quote exists,
      enter as a text item, reference the quote information in the Supplier Text
      section of the cart details, and attach the quote to the cart line item. 

    Hosted and Non-Catalog Suppliers:
      Enter item as text line on cart. Create a Supplier Note on the Notes tab
      referencing the promotional code or quote number. Quotes and other
      documentation can also be attached to the cart using the Attachment section
      of the Attachments tab.

  5. I'm doing a text order and am seeing multiple addresses for the same supplier. Which should I choose?

    You can try to filter the search by entering an address or phone number for the supplier.  If you are unsure of which supplier address to choose, you can contact the Buy@Duke Help Desk at 681-1872.

  6. How do I access the VWR Storeroom catalog?

    From the Duke Marketplace, go to the VWR punch-out site. Go to My Account in the toolbar. Select Custom Catalogs in the drop down. Click on the Duke Storeroom option. This will bring up the category listing of the storeroom products.

  7. Tips for searching for Suppliers in Buy@Duke

      -Use the asterisk "*" as a wildcard before and after search text. 
      -Enter Company name in Name 1/last name OR Name2/First name field for best results. 
      -If a supplier has multiple numbers with same or similar information, contact Buy@Duke
       Help Desk at 919-681-1872 to determine which is best.