Purchase Order FAQs

  1. How do I delete a cart that has not been Approved or sent to the Supplier?

    From the Shopping page, select the appropriate tab; highlight the row of the cart that needs to be deleted. At the top of that list there are a series of buttons, click the “Delete” button. Confirm or cancel the deletion in the pop-up window as appropriate. If confirmed, the cart status should update to “Deleted”.  If you need to cancel or delete a cart that has been submitted, approved or processed contact Buy@Duke Help Desk, or call 919-681-1872.

  2. What do I do if I need to cancel an order that has a status of “Follow-on Document Created”?

    Contact Buy@Duke Help Desk or call 919-681-1872.

  3. How can I obtain copies of purchase orders created in Buy@Duke?

    Contact the Buy@Duke Help Desk or call 919-681-1872.

  4. How can I confirm the supplier received my order from Buy@Duke if I don’t receive a confirmation?

    Find the purchase order using the Advanced Search feature or by opening the cart to the Related Documents tab. Display the Purchase Order; then navigate to the Output selection from the Header tab, which will include date, time the transmission was successfully processed, as well as the medium (fax, etc.).  Once you have the purchase order number, you may contact the supplier directly to obtain delivery information such as tracking number(s) and estimated arrival date(s).

  5. How can I view invoices posted to purchase orders created in Buy@Duke?

      -From within Buy@Duke you can look up your purchase order to see if an invoice
       has been posted and the amount invoiced, but you are not able to view the actual invoice. 
      -In the Details section of the cart, open the Related Documents tab to view all documents
       relating to the highlighted line on the cart.
      -Scroll to the end of the document history. If the invoice has posted, there will be an
       “Invoice” document listed towards the end of the list.  Scroll to the right to see the date
        the invoice posted and the amount charged.
      -To view the actual invoice you use SAP R/3.  Specific instructions on viewing invoices
       in SAP R/3 can be found here.

  6. Who do I contact if my question is not answered above?

      -Your Unit’s Site Expert is your first point of contact.
      -The Site Expert will serve as liaison between end users and the Buy@Duke Resource teams
      -Buy@Duke Help Desk is available to assist you at (919) 681-1872
      -Training Resources are available online
      -Financial Services offers a wide variety of classes focusing on the business processes that
       support purchase orders and invoice processing.  To register for a training sessions please click here and go to the Accounts Payable section
       of the page.