General FAQs

  1. What is Buy@Duke?

    Buy@Duke is Duke's new web-based e-procurement tool that will enable users to compare and select items from multiple vendors' catalogues into a single shopping cart, take advantage of negotiated discounts based on Duke’s volume purchasing power, eliminate paper requisitions, and customize electronic workflows at the unit level.  Users of Buy@Duke will assign cost object codes to each item in their virtual cart. The customized system then routes the cart for approval: some units may choose to send all shopping carts to the department head for approval, while others may permit certain shopping carts to be approved by staff within the unit. The automated approval workflow ensures costs are correctly allocated before the purchase transaction is completed. This reduces paperwork for financial reconciliations and helps eliminate extra departmental recordkeeping to track grant expenses.


  2. Why should I use Buy@Duke?

    Buy@Duke offers departmental uses many advantages, including the following:

        Convenient shopping 24 hours a day
        Faster turn-around time for orders and payments to vendors
        Easy electronic order form that is pre-populated with your profile information
        Single log-in and interface for multiple supplier catalogs
        Search multiple supplier catalogs to find best price
        Order status and availability in punchout supplier web sites and via email
         and fax for hosted suppliers
        Exellent value combining price, quality and service
        Delivers discounted pricing based on Duke’s volume purchasing power

  3. What browsers can I use with Buy@Duke?

    Please view the Duke@Work homepage for the list of browsers currently supported for Buy@Duke.

  4. What should I do if the system is running slow or my window hangs?

    Please check with your Network Administrator to determine if the issue is local.  You may also check with the Buy@Duke Help Desk, and they will check to determine if there is a system-wide production problem.

  5. Using the asterisk (*) in Buy@Duke

    The asterisk serves as a wildcard when performing certain searches (i.e. searching for a vendor code, or searching for a Duke building address code, etc.). It is recommended to use it in front and behind text you search by to capture all applicable results.

  6. The search criterion is correct but no results match

    Some fields are case sensitive. Try to enter you search criteria in ALL CAPS. ASM is working on a list of fields that require all Capital letters.  Please contact the Buy@Duke Help Desk if you have additional questions.

  7. Where can I find training materials?

    Training videos and Step-by-Step User Guides, and documentation can be found in the Training Resources area of our site. Financial Services offers a wide variety of classes focusing on the business processes that support purchase orders and invoice processing. To register for a training session visit click here and go to the Accounts Payable section.

  8. Who can I contact for assistance?

    Please, contact the Buy@Duke Help Desk at email address or phone (919) 681-1872.