Cart FAQs

  1. How do I create a cart for a new supplier?

    -Choose the New Vendor option in the Special Handling drop-down
      -Enter the supplier information (company name, address, phone & fax numbers)
       in the Internal Notes field of the Notes tab
      -Department should ask vendor to complete the vendor registration packet.  Attach the
       completed packet to your Buy@Duke cart.
      -If department cannot obtain the vendor information, Procurement will contact the
       vendor and request it.  Please note, if procurement is asked to assist with obtaining
       vendor registration packet, it may increase processing time of cart.

  2. How do I reference a quote or special promotion in my cart?

    Punch-out Catalog Suppliers:
      Some have the functionality on their site to accommodate special quotes.
      Each site is vendor specific. If no option to enter a specific quote exists,
      enter as a text item, reference the quote information in the Supplier Text
      section of the cart details, and attach the quote to the cart line item. 

    Hosted and Non-Catalog Suppliers:
      Enter item as text line on cart. Create a Supplier Note on the Notes tab
      referencing the promotional code or quote number. Quotes and other
      documentation can also be attached to the cart using the Attachment section
      of the Attachments tab.

  3. How do I rush an order so I receive it tomorrow?

    -Choose the Special Shipping and Handling option in the Special Handling drop-down
      -Enter the special shipping instructions in the Internal Notes (i.e. Overnight Shipping required)
      -Cart will route to Procurement for special processing. Procurement will determine best way to
       send PO (CXML, Fax, Call-In) and where to put notes on PO.

    NOTE: Some suppliers have specific cut-off times for next day orders. For specific supplier questions, contact Buy@Duke Help Desk or call 919-681-1872

  4. How do I arrange payment for an invoice I have received?

    -Create a new text order. Enter all information on item(s) or services being procured
       (supplier, item, financial information, etc.).
      -Select Confirming Order-Bill Only from the Special Needs column.
      -Add a note in the Supplier Text indicating the invoice number in note for supplier reference.
      -Attach the invoice and any other support documentation to the text order. 
      -In the Approval Note field add “Confirming Order PO or Special Needs PO.”

  5. How do I delete a cart that has NOT been Approved or sent to the Supplier?

    From the Shopping page, select the appropriate tab; highlight the row of the cart that needs to be deleted. At the top of that list there are a series of buttons, click the “Delete” button. Confirm or cancel the deletion in the pop-up window as appropriate. If confirmed, the cart status should update to “Deleted”.  If you need to cancel or delete a cart that has been submitted, approved or processed contact Buy@Duke Help Desk or 919-681-1872.

  6. How do I order Radioisotopes?

    Refer to link in Special Research Purchase Procedures section of our site.

  7. How do I order live animals using Buy@Duke?

    Refer to link in Special Research Purchase Procedures section of our site.

  8. Processing a cart for Select Agents

    Refer to link in Special Research Purchase Procedures section of our site.

  9. What criterion determines if a Sole Source Justification is required?

    To determine if a Sole Source is required, carts are reviewed at the supplier level. If the line items to a vendor within a cart total $10,000 or more (when charged to a grant code) then a Sole Source Justification is needed for that supplier. For additional details reference GAP 200.101.

  10. What special handling is required when ordering Capital Equipment?

    -Cart should be coded to correct Material Group and G/L Account for proper routing
          -Typically Material Group should be 270 and G/L Account should be 66xxxx. Contact your
           Grant Manager if additional details are needed.
      -Items to be included with the cart are
          -Supplier Justification and relevant Equipment Screening Form (based on dollar value
           of equipment) (see GAP 200.101)
          -Applicable quotations and contracts
          -Special Documentation required by unit (Unit specific, e.g.School of Medicine’s Expense
           Approval Request Form)
          -Any other supporting documentation
      -Ad-Hoc any special approvers that should review and/or approve purchase prior to
       purchase order creation (Unit specific)
          -Workflow will route to Surplus Property for approval of Equipment Screening Form.
          -Ad-Hoc approval example: OSP for capital purchases on Cost Objects that are not flagged as
           federal grants but require OSP authorization (e.g. 38Xs)

  11. How do I use Buy@Duke to place an order using an existing Standing Purchase Order number?

    Buy@Duke should not be used for placing orders using existing Standing Purchase Order numbers.

  12. How do I determine who within my department should approve my shopping cart? Is there a way to see this in the system?

    -Your department’s system will be customized to automatically workflow completed shopping
       carts to the appropriate approver or designee.
      -A list of each approval step on a cart can be found in the Cart Details section, on the Approval
       Process Overview tab.
      -Lists of shopping carts can be displayed to show “Saved, Awaiting Approval, Approved, and
       carts that have been turned in to Purchase Orders and sent on to the supplier (Follow On).

  13. How do I add a reviewer or another approver to my cart?

    -Use the Ad-Hoc feature in the cart’s General Data section
      -Click the Display/Edit Agents link
      -Click Add Approver or Add Reviewer (whichever is appropriate for your situation)
      -Enter the User ID that you wish to add and click OK
      -You can search by name if you do not have person’s user ID
      -Verify the person was added in the correct order and click ok to return to
       the cart for processing

  14. How do I set up a cart for an Outside Service Agreement (OSA) when using a Federally funded code?

    Refer to link in Special Research Purchase Procedures section of our site.

  15. How do I find out the status of my shopping cart?

    From the main Buy@Duke page, you will see a listing of your most recent shopping carts. You can also search for a specific cart number using the Advanced Search option. Locate the shopping cart you’re interested in, and locate the column labeled “Item Status”.  This column will give you the current status of your shopping cart.  A more detailed training video about determining your shopping cart status can be found on our training materials site.

  16. What do I do with a cart that was sent back to me from an approver?

    -Look for notes on reason cart was returned.
      -Approver should provide detailed explanation/instruction as to why the cart is being returned,
       and what action needs to be followed.
      -Take action to resolve the approver concerns and resubmit the cart.

  17. I need to pay a Subrecipient invoice received that will be coded to G/L 697160 (valid for Sponsored Programs only).

    -Payments to Subrecipient organizations >$25,000 (G/L 697160) should not be issued
        using Buy@Duke processes.
      -PIs review invoices from Subrecipients for compliance with regulations, terms and conditions,
        and seek approval for payment from ORA (GAP 200.280)
      -The AP Check Request is the established method for payments to Subrecipients
        (GAP 200.136).

  18. How can I find my cart if I do not have the cart or PO number?

    From the Shopping Tab, click Advanced Search in the top right corner. This will open the Advance Search window. Select Shopping Cart in the Search For: field. In the Search Criteria section enter information you have available.

    Helpful suggestions:

      -Cart name and Item Description can be used if you know details of the cart.
      -Using the Timeframe criteria will help filter the results to minimize the matches.
      -Role is an effective option if you took any action on the cart. 
      -If the cart has been processed, be sure to check the “Include Completed Shopping Carts” box