Purchase Requisitions

Paper Requisitions

Departments can submit approved paper requisitions to Procurement and Supply Chain Management. Procurement uses SAP to create electronic purchase orders and transmits the order to the supplier via EDI or computer to fax.

SAP Online Requisitioning

Departments create their purchase requisition in SAP at their PC. The requisition is routed electronically for necessary departmental approvals. Once the requisition has been approved by the departmental approver, it is forwarded to Procurement and Supply Chain Management where a purchase order is generated and sent to the supplier.

How to Find Information in SAP

1. Has an invoice been entered into SAP?

2. How do I get the amount of a check, address & date?

3. How do I find the delivery address of a Purchase Order?

4. How do I see what was ordered on a PO?

5. How do I find the accounting code charged?

6. How do I verify the tracking number (requisition number)?

7. How do I find the PO# from a tracking number (requisition number)?

8. How do I find the PO# from a charge code (account number)?

9. How do I find cost center information (responsible person and company code)?