Departmental Responsibilities

Departmental Review Process

Corporate Card transactions must be approved by the cardholder's immediate supervisor or a senior official in the department (e.g. Department Chairs should have transactions approved by their Dean and Deans should have transactions approved by an official in the proper Management Center.) The approval authority may be delegated, with the understanding that the individual will report any findings or gross observation to a senior official in the department.

If the delegated approver is a WORKS administrator who is employed in an administrative support capacity, a second review or approval by a senior departmental administrator is required. The second review may take place as part of the monthly review and approval of the department's financial statements and must be documented by the approver's signature and date approved. Documentation of the review must be retained in the department.

Under no circumstances may a WORKS administrator, who is a cardholder, approve his or her own transactions, or those of a supervisor.

Corporate Card approval can be demonstrated by the following:

  • Approver reviews, initials, and dates a paper copy of the Corporate Card statement on a monthly basis
  • Approver reviews, initials, and dates a WORKS report listing cardholder transactions and the associated business purpose on a regular (monthly or quarterly) basis
  • Approver, designated by the department and authorized by Card Program Services to be the WORKS administrator, approves the transactions on-line.

The procedure surrounding the department's approval process must be documented in the department. The department is responsible for maintaining written proof of review/approval in accordance with either the University's or Health System's retention guidelines.

For additional information regarding corporate card review procedures, please see GAP 200.024, Corporate Card Purchases.

Record Retention

Collect all cardholders' monthly Corporate Card statements and original receipts for reconciliation purposes. These documents are to be retained in the department. Please ensure that all transactions are accurately coded and substantiated in WORKS within 30 days of the transaction date. Receipts for Corporate Card purchases and monthly statements must be maintained in the department for seven years and are subject to audit by external auditors, internal auditors, and Card Program Services. 

Change a Cardholder's Profile

Department administration is responsible for requesting changes to cardholder profiles. Please see "Changes to Cardholder Profiles" for more information.

Cancel a Corporate Card

Lost or stolen cards

Please see "Cardholder Responsibilities".

Cardholders transferring to a new department or leaving Duke.

When a cardholder leaves a department or Duke, the department administrator should:

  • Collect the corporate card from the employee and destroy the card.
  • Send an email to Card Program Services at CorporateCard at with the cardholder's name, the last four digits of the card number, and the reason for canceling the card.

WORKS Administrators

Department administration is responsible for designating departmental WORKS administrators and notifying Card Program Services when a WORKS administrator's user rights should be canceled.

Set up a WORKS Administrator

To set up a WORKS Administrator, complete the Departmental Setup form and fax to Card Program Services at (919) 681-9062.

Cancel a WORKS Administrator

When canceling a WORKS administrator's user rights, send an email to CorporateCard at and include the WORKS user's name and department.

Corporate Card Suspension

Department administrators are responsible for obtaining the required approval signatures on the Cardholder Reinstatement form and submitting the form to Card Program Services before a cardholder's corporate card account can be reinstated.

Report Fraudulent Activity Involving the Corporate Card

Department administrators are responsible for reporting fraudulent activity involving a Corporate Card to Card Program Services.