Requesting a Corporate Card


New Cardholders

For new Corporate Cards, the following two forms must be completed, authorized, and submitted to Card Program Services:

  1. Corporate Card Application
  2. Departmental Setup Form

New cardholder accounts are processed within ten business days. Cardholders may pickup their new Corporate Cards after attending a New Cardholder Training Session.

Transaction Limits and Cardholder Profiles

Transaction limits are determined by the cardholder profile assigned to each cardholder. The departmental business manager is responsible for selecting the appropriate cardholder profile before approving a cardholder application. The standard profile options are:

Purchasing I

Purchasing II

Purchasing &
Travel III

Purchasing &
Travel IV

Travel V

$20,000 Cycle

$10,000 Cycle

$20,000 Cycle

$10,000 Cycle

$20,000 Cycle

$ 7,500 Daily

$ 2,500 Daily

$10,000 Daily

$ 7,500 Daily

$10,000 Daily

$ 1,500 Single Purchase

$    499 Single Purchase

$  3,000 Single Purchase

$ 2,000 Single Purchase

$  3,000 Single Purchase

20 Daily Transactions

10 Daily Transactions

20 Daily Transactions

20 Daily Transactions

20 Daily Transactions





Travel Profile

Airlines, Airports, Car Rental Agencies, Restaurants, Lodging at Hotels or Motels, Travel Agencies, Bus Lines, Railroads, Taxicabs, Automotive Service Shops, Grocery Stores, Educational Organizations, Department Stores

Airfare, Business Meals, Car Rental, Meals, Lodging, Transportation, Conference and Meeting Registration Fees

Purchasing Profile

Business Services, Computer Supplies and Software, Restaurants, Service Contractors, Educational Organizations, Grocery Stores, Office Supply Stores, Department Stores

Employment Agencies, Business Meals, Uniforms, Membership Dues, Computer Supplies, Computer Software, Trade Contractors, Conference and Meeting Registration Fees, Miscellaneous Food Purchases

Travel/Purchasing Profile

All approved University vendor types

All of the above

If a cardholder attempts to originate a transaction with a vendor outside of his/her assigned cardholder profile, the transaction will be declined at the point of sale.


Renewal and Replacement Cards

Renewal cards

Renewal cards are issued automatically through Card Program Services. All Corporate Cards display an expiration date (mm/yy) on the front of the card. The card expires on the last day of the month that appears on the card. Cardholders receive an email from Card Program Services approximately five weeks prior to the scheduled expiration of their cards. These emails inform cardholders of the upcoming card expirations and provide a schedule for pickup of their renewal cards. Cardholders who have not used their cards within the last year will not automatically receive renewal cards. For these cardholders, the departmental business managers should contact Card Program Services to request a renewal card be reissued.

Replacement cards

A replacement card is issued when a Corporate Card has been lost/stolen or when fraudulent activity has occurred or is suspected on a Corporate Card account. Replacement cards must be requested through Card Program Services and are processed within five business days. Email notifications are sent to cardholders when replacement cards are available for pickup.