Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Does the Corporate Card have any impact on the cardholder's personal credit reference?
  2. What suppliers accept the Corporate Card?
  3. Can individuals who are not Duke Employees be cardholders?


  1. What can I use the Corporate Card to purchase?
  2. What do I do if a vendor or individual requests our tax identification number?
  3. Under what circumstances will a purchase using the Corporate Card be declined?
  4. What should I do if my Corporate Card is declined by the supplier?
  5. Are receipts required for meals?
  6. May I charge travel transactions made in advance (e.g. airline tickets) to a grant or contract?
  7. Can gas for personal vehicles be purchased with the Corporate Card?


  1. If I have a question about which General Ledger Account code to use for a charge, who do I call?
  2. Can individuals who are not Duke Employees be WORKS administrators?