Electronic Accounts Payable Check Requests FAQs

  1. Do Ad-hoc Approvers receive an email when they are added to workflow?
  2. Why isn’t USA a valid country code?
  3. I am using the search feature to look for the appropriate G/L account to use. Why isn’t my search returning any G/L codes?
  4. Can a request be submitted without attachments?
  5. Will the Close button also Save on the Accounts Payable Check Request?
  6. Should I select the Wire Transfer button if a check needs to be sent via ACH?
  7. There is no option to record an EIN. What field should be used?
  8. Is there a specific way to identify wires in the universal work list?
  9. If I add an Ad-hoc Approver, does it take the check request out of work flow?
  10. What happens if the vendor address has changed?
  11. What is the file format that can be used in attaching general or sensitive attachments?
  12. Are there any changes to the payment terms as a result of implementing the new tool?
  13. Can approvers and submitters delete attachments?
  14. If the submitter deletes an attachment, will the workflow start over?
  15. Can someone be an approver and submitter at the same time?
  16. How do I update Master Data when someone leaves?
  17. When I’m completing a wire, what happens if I don’t have the address or don’t know the region?
  18. When on the Check Request Utility screen, can I filter the list and hide columns?
  19. If I copy from “Create Copy from Selected Check Request”, will it copy attachments?
  20. How do I convert foreign currency into US currency when working with Foreign Payments?
  21. If an ad-hoc approver is added and then you find out they are out of office (vacation, sick leave, etc.) can the adhoc-approve be deleted?
  22. How do I gross-up a payment to an individual to cover taxes?
  23. When using Electronic AP Check Request Reports, is the APay post date the same as the G/L post date?
  24. When using reports, how do I tell who has the check request or who has approved the check request?
  25. Can a person who is the custodian of a petty cash/research cash fund submit an electronic AP check request on behalf of themselves?
  26. What approvals are required for a petty cash or research cash reimbursement paid via an electronic AP Check Request?
  27. I am trying to type in the active cost center 151-3205 but keep getting an error message. Why am I getting an error message?
  28. I am working on approving a check request from the Universal Worklist (UWL) and am getting an error message indicating that I have the check request locked. How do I unlock the check request?
  29. A check request was returned to me for correction. I’m trying to change the check request using the utility, but the all fields are grayed out. What is the problem?
  30. I am trying to approve a check request and the approve button is not available in my Universal Worklist. What can I do?
  31. How do I cancel a check request created in error?