Accounts Payable FAQs

  1. Who do I call if I have missing paperwork when I am doing reconciliation?
  2. Has a particular vendor invoice or Accounts Payable Check Request been paid?
  3. What is the turn around time for an Accounts Payable Check Request?*
  4. Can payments to students and employees be made using Accounts Payable Check Request Form?
  5. I have an urgent check request and want to know what the best way is to get it taken care of as quickly as possible.**
  6. What if I have an emergency and need a check immediately?
  7. Is the Independent Contractor Checklist (ICC Form) required with all AP Check Requests?
  8. Are Social Security numbers required for reimbursements?
  9. How many copies of documentation should be attached to the Accounts Payable Check Request?
  10. Can an Accounts Payable check be printed with a Duke Address?
  11. If there is a Standing Order or a Purchase Order, will an invoice need to be submitted with an Accounts Payable Check Request?
  12. Will I receive copies of invoices or check requests from Accounts Payable?
  13. A vendor claims they have not received payment, how do I request a stop payment and reissue of the check?
  14. I am in receipt of a check that I no longer require. How do I have the check cancelled and the funds returned to our cost center?
  15. If I do not see an invoice posted in SAP, should I resend?
  16. What is a goods receipt?
  17. How do I find out if a check has been issued for a vendor's invoice?
  18. How do I gross-up a payment to an individual to cover taxes?
  19. How can I forward an SAP workflow to someone else for approval?
  20. How can I create a back-up or "substitute" to address my SAP workflows in my absence?
  21. What are the key differences between valuated and non-valuated goods receipt?